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-What spell is cast upon us?-

Chapter Two


"I can't believe that we lost to the other team!" Said one of the girls who were present during a "lunch gathering" amongst friends. "It's -so- not fair! We trained so hard; how is it that we lost so easily?" The girl's pink lips were pushed into a pout; golden, shoulder-length hair framing her disappointed yet upset green eyes.

The girls had chosen a quiet spot a little ways off from the school dormitory building. It appeared to be a garden. White- painted wood created vine-covered fences and beautiful archways. Stones made the walkway, and a wide variety of plant life shaded by passers from the sun, and made a small forest only a few small feet from the paths. There were several wooden benches - also painted white - for people to sit on. Metal - again, white - tables were placed in the middle of these benches, having a glass top.

One of the quieter girls, who had just finished her lunch, spoke up, much to the surprise of the others. "Joni was missing. She was our best player, remember? We always relied on her. Without her, this time, we were unable to come out victorious this time. Let's not make the mistake of relying on anyone, although teamwork is important. Let's try harder next time."

"Why are you so smart, Catherine?" The girl who had spoken just before Catherine piped up. Instead of receiving a verbal response, she was given a small smile.

While the rest of the girls in the group continued to chatter away, Keri listened from across the other table. She had to sit at another table, close as it was, because the other table was already packed with the girls. At the moment, she was feeling alone, despite all her friends were trying to do for her. 'I wish Joni didn't have to go. I miss her.' She thought, sighing.

One of the girls sat by Keri, preventing her from thinking anymore sad, unnecessary thoughts. "So how is our second best player of the Volleyball team, huh?" She questioned. Keri smiled, looking up at the girl. "I'm fine, thanks, Lezzy." She paused. "I just- I miss Kyle. He said he'd be here today, but I wish he was here now."

"Well, I think you got your wish!"

"What do you mean?"

"Look over there!"

Keri looked up to where Lezzy was pointing, and saw Kyle waving at her. She gasped in delight, sliding off the white bench and sprinting over to him, abandoning both the table and Lezzy.

"Ooh, Kyle! When did you get here?" She squealed in excitement, spirits now raised as her love was here.

Having wrapped an arm around Keri's shoulders, Kyle led her down the path for a stroll, where, hopefully, they could find some quiet time to talk with each other. "I came to Lesterville about an hour ago. I had to drive down here and find you, though. It took me awhile to track you down!" He replied, grinning. Keri leaned into him, sighing in contentment.

"Well, I'm glad you found me." She stated. "I need you most during this time. How do you read my mind so well?"

Kyle smiled. "I guess I could say I got that trait from my mother."

"Is that so? What is she like?"

"She was a wonderful person; I think anyone would have a hard time hating her - even not liking her."

"What do you mean, 'she was', Kyle? Did she...pass away?"

"I'm afraid she did. She died from a bad case of cancer. The doctors really couldn't do anything, but I'm sure they tried, and I'm glad they did. I know my mother was able to give me more wisdom in her words with the time the doctors were able to give her, even if they couldn't save her."

Keri planted a kiss on Kyle's cheek. "Well, I'll be here for you, then, even if you mother can't be. I'm sure she's watching you from Heaven now, all proud."

Kyle smiled and pulled Keri into a hug, which was returned without hesitation. "I know you'll always be here. I love you, Keri."

"I know you do; and I love you too! Say, have you had lunch yet?"

"No, I haven't. Why do you ask?"

"You need lunch to continue being strong! Come on, I'll buy you something!"


Keri had taken Kyle to a fancy pizza restaurant. After ordering, they pretended to sword fight with tiny sticks of bread.

"I have you now!" Kyle grinned, jabbing Keri's arm with the mini stick of bread.

Keri giggled, "No! I have lost to a beginner! How could I!" She gently bopped Kyle on the nose with the stick of bread, and then ate it. Before he was able to do anything about it, the waiter came and placed a plate of steaming, delectable slice of pizza in front of each of them.

"Would you like anything else?" The waiter questioned.

"No thank you!" The couple replied simultaneously. They were left to eat in the corner, where the sun shone brightly through the glass window.

"I almost forgot that you enjoy pizza so much." Kyle chuckled, finishing his slice. Keri had finished not too long before Kyle had, and was watching him.

"Well I'm sure this refreshed your memory! So, what are we going to do now?"

"I don't know; is there anything special you want to do?"

"Well, getting married with you in the future is something I'd like to do! For now, though.um." Keri tapped the side of her head, thinking. Not a moment later, she snapped her fingers. "I know! We can go to the arcade! They set up a dance stage there!"

"Okay, let's go then!" Kyle allowed Keri to yet again lead him to another place, fully enjoying Lesterville more than he ever had before.