Disclaimer: I own this anime, I created the anime, I thought of the characters anime names... okay, I am not being over confident that this anime [created by myself] will turn out good. This came to me in a dream and that dream was exciting, really. But I am not the judge of this; I created it so please be interested in this. This came to me when I was sitting in my exams and I am eager to make it.

A/u: This anime doesn't have any relation to any other animes. Came to me in a dream so don't sue me immediately without having good reasons. [No offense; no bad words...]

Major Characters: Mono Mahoyou, Yuubi Tsuyoi. Other characters: Yugi Kigen, Tsuki Kaminari, Tsuki Kazeyo, Tsuki Yuuki, Tsuki Mizuno Characters: Yuusei Yuusuke, Mono Hikari, Mono Yama.

Tittle: The Lonely Heroine

Ó Resha Yukira

Summary: A girl that hated her life when she was born in a useless family, as other humans thought. Around her family relations, she was the only one who has all the powers/elements of the earth to use but she dislikes the gift. Since a little girl, she was seen differently, hated and envied by other humans although she protects the world from devastation, that demons usually attacks. A boy understands her since childhood and secretly had a crush on her. When he was older, he tried his best to find her and succeeded.

About Characters;

Mono Mahoyou: The major character in this anime. Her appearance is usually frowning and always show that she's brave from been talking ill about. She doesn't care what everyone comments her parents, as long as she knew the real legend of her family. She is very brave and protective, although she doesn't show it. She was thrown out of school because of her weirdness. She protects the world well but wasn't appreciated by humans. She always thinks that she's pure human but there is a different blood in her that can make her summon all the elements of the earth.

Yuubi Tsuyoi: He is a weakling but tried his best to help and to be brave. Mahoyou was her first crush since kinder garden but never talk to her because of his shyness. He came from a rich, wealthy family but have a job of his own. He is useless in battling but very worth it in strategy.

Yugi Kigen: A separated cousin of Tsuyoi and watched him like little brother. She loves Kiko, Mahoyou's half-demon fox pet. She likes Mahoyou too but never thought that she was lonely since the beginning.

Tsuki Kaminari: Mahoyou's cousin that could control thunder or may summon thunder any time usually when she loves playing with the boys outside their house every night. Her eyes are sharp and if she got mad, her eyes would change.

Tsuki Hiro: Kaminari's little brother who could control the power of fire. Due to this fire gift, he is a short-tempered guy and usually scolds Kigen so end up protecting and loving her.

Tsuki Kazeyo: Kaminari's little sister who has the power of wind and could fly. He's a moody due to her power.

Tsuki Yuuki: Kaminari's little sister who could control and summon snow. She is the gentle one in the family and has the fairest complexion. She whines always and is a crybaby.

Tsuki Mizuno: Their youngest sister and as gentle as Yuuki. She loves bathing and water. She could summon water. Braver than Yuuki.

Yuusei Yuusuke: Said to be Mahoyou's great great grandfather who was still alive. He's powerful but couldn't use them because of his weak body. He knows all about the Tsuki and Mono's family.

Mono Hikari = Mono Yama: Mahoyou's parents who never showed up ever since she was 8 and was told died in a car crash.

Chapter 1: The Heroine