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All dinosaurs in "Predators" have their own designation for their species. Here are the most important dinosaurs in "Predators".

Hunter: Velociraptor

Sharp Fang: Tyrannosaurus Rex

Red Scale: Deinonychus

Yellow Snout: Utahraptor

Spinedragon: Spinosaurus

Leaf Eater: all herbivore dinosaurs

Threehornface: Triceratops

Thorn Thumb: Iguanodon



An adventure 65 Million years ago.

Chapter 1

The heat in the large valley was oppressive. Once this valley was wide and green, with dense jungles and a large number of various creatures. But then a drought broke out, and the merciless sun of the late Cretaceous dried up all the rivers and lakes of the valley. Only the once mighty Western River, which passed through the whole valley, still bore enough water, but even this river would soon stunt to a small streamlet during the continual drought.

A large Baryonyx was standing in the shallow water of the river, a massive meat-eating dinosaur with long sickle-like claws on his hands and a long crocodile-like jaw. Totally motionless, the dinosaur was lying in wait for prey. When a careless fish got within reach of the dangerous claws, the Baryonyx stretched out his hands and speared him.

While he began to eat the fish, a group of Styracosaurus slowly approached the bank. Finding enough food in the valley became more and more difficult for these large herbivorous dinosaurs. Places with usually dense vegetation now were withered and dried up.

Despite the presence of a predator, the Styracos were very calm and did not bother about the Baryonyx.

The predator took a short look at them but then turned his attention back to the fish, because he didn´t feel like getting into contact with the Styracos' dangerous horns.

Several young Hadrosaurus were splashing in the water somewhat downriver, while the elder animals quenched their thirst.

Suddenly the earth started to tremble under massive steps, and the calmness of the Styracosaurus was gone immediately. Even the Baryonyx glanced nervously round and dropped the fish out of his crocodile jaw for fear.

Out of the nearby forest something big was moving towards them. Trunks collapsed with a loud cracking. Two wild eyes gazed through the branches of the large trees. They followed each movement down at the river. Finally, the giant creature slowly stepped out of the forest. The Styracosaurus immediately began to threaten with their horns, and even the Baryonyx, with his length of about 9 metres, was scared of the black shadow and fell back as the shadow got closer to the river bank. It was an enormous Tyrannosaurus Rex. His broad neck seemed to consist solely of muscles, tensed like steel-cables. The dark brown predator bared his sharp, daggerlike fangs and let out a deep growl. The Hadrosaurus fled in panic. But the giant T-Rex was not hunting and also came to the river in order to drink. For the Baryonyx the presence of the T-Rex was nevertheless fishy, so he decided to leave.


However, there were also dinosaurs in the surrounding who suffered neither thirst nor the overwhelming heat. It was a pack of Velociraptors. These extremely smart dinosaurs possessed a secret water source just for themselves. Their water source was a hidden cave with an underground stream passing through. There was always enough water for them, and within the pleasantly cool cave they were protected from the burning sun. The Raptors also saw that THEIR cave was not discovered by any strange dinosaur. There were constantly three to four Raptors placed as guards in some distance around the cave, who chased away each stranger as soon as he came close. Even the red-scaled Raptors living further below in the valley were not tolerated up here in the volcano mountains and regarded as enemies.

Raptors lived in various clans, and they differed in size and coloring. The red-scaled Deinonychus and the big yellow-snouted Utahraptors lived in the lower part of the valley, near the river, while the dark grey Velociraptors lived in the volcano mountains. There was a fierce hostility between the clans, who were constantly fighting for supremacy. The big Utahs were the dominating species in the valley, but the smaller Velociraptors were able to hold their own against the bigger Utahs by means of cunning and maliciousness. In those days they were considered the most intelligent beings on earth, and this made them the most successful predators of the Cretaceous.

Soon a lonely plant-eating Segnosaurus reached the hilly region. He was dried up completely and desperately searching for water. There was no water source far and wide, yet he knew that there had to be some water in the vicinity.

But the clear eyes of the Raptors did not miss anything. The color and markings of their scales were an excellent disguise in this hilly and dusty region. The four predators were lying motionless in wait in their hideouts and were situated in the opposite direction of the Segnosaurus, so he could not scent them.

The leader of the raptor clan bore the name ´Sturmblut´, and for a Velociraptor he was a very huge and strong predator. He was the most experienced hunter of the whole pack and very intelligent. Even the Utahraptors respected him.

These four Raptors had often been hunting together and were a good team. They still waited in their position and watched the Segnosaurus getting nearer, and suddenly the leader let out a low, hardly audible growl. The Raptors knew exactly what they had to do now and jumped out of their hideouts. Two Raptors approached from the sides, while the other two cut off the Segnosaurus path. The Segno straightened up to his full size, but that did not make an impression on the Raptors. They knew that the big herbivore could do them in, but this one was too weak for a fight, and they took full advantage of that.

The predators attacked without mercy and slashed their sickle-like claws into the Segno's flesh again and again. It was only a short fight, and the Segnosaurus collapsed. The high loss of blood finally finished him off.

"That really was worth it.", the young female Raptor growled excitedly. "Finally a prey that gives us plenty to eat."

The leader looked at the killed prey with content and snorted: "That was a well executed ambush. You´re getting better and better, but I expect no less of you."

The prey was mouth-watering.

"Can I have some of it now, big brother?", the hungry female begged.

"No way.", Sturmblut grunted. "The prey belongs to the whole clan and not just to us."

"Oh, cmon, Sturmblut! Just a small..."

The predator hissed grimly at his sister: "Youll get your share, but we share it hierarchically, understand? And you will definitely not get anything of it in advance."

"Ah, typical Alpha male. Always each and everything has to go by your snout.", the female growled offendedly.

Sturmblut shook his head. "Stupid thing.", he thought.

Finally the four Raptors took the lifeless body of the Segnosaurus to the cave, for a whole pack was waiting for meat at home.


Not very far from the raptor cave, a huge female Tyrannosaurus Rex lived at the edge of the volcano mountains. Here she had settled down with her partner after a long migration and established a nest. Six weeks ago, her first cubs had hatched. There were two cubs, a male and a female.

The Tyrannosaur mom was lying beside her nest and never lost sight of her playing and romping cubs for a second. After her partner found his death in a fight with a Triceratops, she raised up her cubs alone, which was not always easy for her, because the young ones had nothing as rubbish in sense. They trampled over the head of their mother and constantly quarreled. But this quarreling was an important training for the cubs, since only in this way they learned to defend themselves against their later enemies.

The young male was called Talon, and he strongly differed in his coloring from his sister Khara. Her scales were colored in a for Tyrannosaurs typical dark brown. But her brother had dark green scales with reddish stripes, which ran across the neck down to his tail. While Khara was an exact image of her mother, Talon came directly to his killed father.

The T-Rex mom loved her children, particularly her son. He never behaved disobedient or rebellious towards his mother. While his sister was often growled by her mother, because Khara once again did not want to obey, she growled at Talon very rarely. Despite that, there was never any kind of jealousy coming up between the two cubs.

The Tyrannosaur mom always tried to make their cubs understand that they may not move too far away from the nest, and again and again she told them the tales of the Spinedragon Terrorclaw, an evil Spinosaurus, which would come back to the valley from time to time to steal careless dino cubs. She also told them that they may never go up in the mountains, where no dinosaur ever returned of.

The T-Rex mom didn´t suspect, however, that already now her cubs were in largest danger. Three Troodon had discovered the T-Rex nest. These small predators were the most feared nest robbers of those days. They were not to be seen anywhere during the day, only at dusk they crawled out of their hiding places and roamed throughout the valley, plundering and marauding.

They hid in the mat-green undergrowth and stretched their long snouts out of the dried fern. Their size was just about 1.60 meters and they still had their juvenile coloring, but nevertheless the three dinos were ready for the plundering. They were hungry, and the defenseless young brood seemed to be an easy prey for them if they could get past the T-Rex mom somehow. The only possibility for them was trying to lure the T-Rex mother away from her cubs.

The Tyrannosaur mom was on guard all the time. She paid attention to each noise that seemed to be suspicious.

All of a sudden two Troodons jumped towards her. She straightened up at once and chased after the swift robbers with a growl.

This was the chance for the third Troodon to snatch the cubs, and with lightning speed he ran to the nest. He spontaneously chose the male cub and tried to grab it. But the T-Rex cubs were not as defenseless as he had believed, and he fell back surprisedly when the male cub snapped at his claws.

This tiny midget wasnt even thinking of letting himself be eaten by the unexperienced Troodon.

The young Troodon was irritated. How should he manage to kill this snapping and biting thing?

Finally he somehow succeeded in grabbing the small Tyrannosaur with his claws and lifted him up. But the cub kicked and struggled against the grip of the nest robber. In his clumsiness, the Troodon suddenly dropped the cub.

And then the nest robber suddenly felt a hot breathing on his neck. He started to shiver, for he knew exactly that the Tyrannosaur mom was standing right behind him. He turned round and stuttered: " cubs."

The T-Rex mom started to growl menacingly. The Troodon panicked and just ran as fast as he could.

After the Tyrannosaur mom had chased away the last nest robber, she noticed that no cub was missing and relieved laid beside her nest. After that, the young T-Rex male went to his mother and snuggled up close to her.

Meanwhile the Troodons fled panically to the woods. Their juvenile carelessness, which lead to the idea of trying to maraud a T-Rex nest, almost costed them their lives. Trembling with fear, they hid in the undergrowth. They would not forget this shock for the rest of their days.


Sturmblut, the huge Alpha male of the raptor pack, was lying outside in front of the cave till late at night and watched the stars. Sturmblut was a strict but just Alpha male, and every Dinosaur of the pack was content with him being the leader. Only ´Windfeger´, his sister, was simply not able to get along with his gruff and severe manner. Since the new Alpha male was called Sturmblut, a strange mixture of antipathy and brotherly love developed between both Raptors. This was a burden for Stumblut, because he was trying hard to fulfill his role as leader of the pack. He loved his little sister very much, but as an Alpha male he always showed a certain coldness.

Suddenly his thoughts were diverted by a dark shadow. It was Sturmblut´s elder brother, ´Starke Klaue´.

"What are you lying around here?", he asked and laid beside him. "You seem to be quite thoughtful."

"Its Windfeger.", Sturmblut grumbled.

"Well, I knew that.", Starke Klaue smiled. "I know how difficult females are. Its almost the same with my mate, hehehe."

"I dont know what to think of the girl! Id rather prefer to have a horde of yellow snouts or a hunting sharp fang on my neck than our little sister.", the huge predator groaned. "Females are strange!"

Starke Klaue giggled.

"And YOU are just laughing about that, of course.", Sturmblut growled. "At last YOU are not the Alpha male! And theres no responsibility resting upon YOU!"

"But Windfeger is also MY little sister.", Starke Klaue said and tried do defend her. "She really has no bad character, and you know that, too."

"Well, yeah, but Windfeger is such a stubborn Hunter. Shes always contradicting, or shes disobedient. I mean, after our todays hunting you witnessed how cheeky she was against me."

"Right. But I also witnessed how you told her off. And after that youre really asking yourself why shes this stubborn towards you?"

"But I only want the best for our clan. Why cant she see that?", Sturmblut said.

"Well, shes still young and has her own head.", Starke Klaue replied and got up. "But after some time it will go by."

"You think so?", Sturmblut asked and followed his brother with his eyes.

"Sure. And I think it would go by even faster if you were a little bit more friendly to your sister.", Starke Klaue grunted and went back into the cave.

Sturmblut again glanced into the night and saw a falling star burning out in the sky. That did not mean anything good. Falling stars had always been a symptom of misfortune, and Sturmblut just hoped that it would spare him and his pack. He sighed deeply and finally also retreated into the cave.


The sun was already burning from the sky when the Tyrannosaur mom came to the river with her cubs the next morning. This was a special day for the cubs, for this was the first time they were allowed to come along to the river. Both cubs were very curious and inspected the new and unknown area. But they always stayed close to her mother.

The Tyrannosaur mom grimly observed some Struthiomimus, which stayed in the direct vicinity. But no dinosaur would have dared to get close to the Tyrannosaur family. Everyone knew that there wasnt anything more dangerous than a Tyrannosaur mom with her cubs.

Meanwhile, Khara and Talon were playing in the water. The pleasant wetness felt great on their dried up scales.

Suddenly Khara discovered an Iguana that was sunbathing on a stone. She curiously sneaked over to it and began sniffing at this strange, scaly thing, that was lying on the stone like being dead. As Khara nudged it with her snout, the creature suddenly darted into the water. Khara got the fright of her life and rushed to her mom.

"Mommy, the stone came to life!", she squeaked and stared at the Iguana.

Her mom smiled and bowed her massive head down to her.

"That was only an aquatic lizard!", she said in a soft voice. "You neednt be afraid of it."

"Hahaha! Angstsaurus!", Talon laughed.

"Oh, just wait, I´ll show you a Angstsaurus!", Khara growled, and both cubs scuffled in the water. "Take that back!"

"I dont even think of it, Angstsaurus.", Talon sneered.

For the Tyrannosaur mom it was quite a delight watching her cubs play, but she never became careless and was always watching over them. And each stranger, that would have dared to get close to her cubs, would have paid with his life.


Sturmblut was woken up by a wild yelling. There was a violent quarrel in front of the raptor cave. Sturmblut immidiately recognized the voice of his sister and groaned. He hated it to be woken up this way, and with a grumble he went to the cave exit.

There he saw that his sister was quarreling with Schleicher. Schleicher was Sturmblut´s best friend and longstanding hunting comrade.

"Whats all this? Why are you so noisy?", he shouted sleepy and was surprised at this riot.

"Windfeger has stolen my share of the prey!", Schleicher bitched.

"No, thats not true!", Windfeger scolded. "That was MY legal share!"

"Windfeger! I told you so often that each hunter gets his own share of the prey.", Sturmblut snorted.

"But that was MY share! Schleicher has taken it away from ME!", Windfeger replied.

"Now dont be so rude, shorty!", Schleicher growled. "Youre just as greedy as anyone can be. The clan means nothing to you, youre always just thinking of yourself."

"Thats not true!" Schleicher was driving Windfeger almost mad, and just as she wanted to throw herself at him, Sturmblut got in between them with a grim growling.

"Its enough now! Windfeger, go into the cave, asap!"

"But why!?", Windfeger asked with a shocked look. "I havent done anything wrong!"

"Im really getting fed up with you behaving like this!", Sturmblut said. "Youre not only rebelling against our rules, you also steal from my best friend!"

"WHAT am I doing!?" Windfeger was consternated. "Youre trusting more in Schleicher than in your own sister? Hes a liar!"

"How could you say that!? Schleicher and me were friends long before you´ve been hatched!", he scolded. "You should be glad that I am your brother and not driving you out of the clan!"

Windfegers feelings were deeply hurt by Sturmblut´s words. "What kind of injustice! You really have nice rules, thanks a lot! Ill remember that!" Sobbing and with lowered head she retreated into the cave.


About noon the Tyrannosaur family slowly commenced returning to the nest. Talon and Khara were so tired of the romping, though, that their mother had to carry them on her back to the nest, and this was something both dinos liked especially.

"Mom, do you tell us a bit about dad?" Talon asked.

She nodded and answered somewhat downhearted: "Your father was a huge and proud sharp fang. He was very brave and strong. We came from the northern plain at that time. It was a long and arduous way, and sometimes I was almost losing hope that we would ever arrive at this place. All the time the old Terrorclaw was right on our heels. But the determination of your father and his will to live were always unbroken."

"Youve seen Terrorclaw by yourself?", Khara asked.

"Oh, yes! He is the last of the giant Spinedragons and ancient. His steps are like an earthquake, and the only thing Terrorclaw is afraid of is fire.", she narrated. "You recognize him by the spiny fin on his back, and if your father would not have opposed him, we would have never come to this place alive. He was the only dinosaur that really was a match for Terrorclaw."

"Our father fought with Terrorclaw?", Talon asked surprisedly. "Wow!"

His mom nodded and continued narrating: "It was horrible! While fighting each other they both fell into the torrent Southern River. And only your father appeared on the water surface afterwards, but no one has seen Terrorclaw ever since."

"I wish I had gotten to know dad.", Talon said.

"He would have loved to see you hatching, but destiny was against it, for shortly before both of you were born a horn of a Threehornface pierced his heart.", she sighed. "I miss him very much! But every time when I´m looking at you, Talon, I also see a part of him living on in you!"

To be continue...