Chapter 5

Without sensing the danger, the Protoceratops were eating the leafs of the branches. They don't realize the two raptors which were waiting for them. With a loud scream, Sturmblut rushed forward and exposed his teeth.

Totally shocked, the Proroceratops started to run away in panic. Sturmblut rushed towards the herd and managed it to separate one Protoceratops from his herd.

The Protoceratops ran for his life and tried to escape Sturmblut. And for a few moments it just seemed that he could manage it to escape him, but Sturmblut just produced a short growl and suddenly Starke Klaue appeared and blocked the way of the Protoceratops.

"Drive him to the clearing!", Sturmblut growled.

Starke Klaue just snorted to agree with his order.

The teamwork of both raptor-brothers was perfectly coordinated and they had the Protoceratops just where they wanted him to be.

And than they attacked! Sturmblut jumped on the back of the horned dinosaur, dug his sharp teeth in his neck and tried to get him on its side, because its back was too well protected for a deadly attack.

As Sturmblut finally managed it, Starke Klaue attacked the Protoceratops's unprotected belly with his sickle claw and sliced it open.

The blood streamed out of the wound and Sturmblut ended the Protoceratops's live, which was weakened by the huge loss of blood, with a bite in its throat.

"Hunting this way makes fun!", Sturmblut said.

"Together with you every time.", Starke Klaue answered. "... and with Windfeger."

Sturmblut only nodded and sighed. "Yes."

"And what are we doing to do now?" Starke Klaue asked.

"At first we are eating something before the good meat becomes bad." Sturmblut ripped a huge piece of meat out of the Protoceratops and swallowed it.

After they had eaten enough, the second phase of Sturmblut's plan started.

"Ahh… That was great!", Sturmblut licked his claws clean and looked towards his brother. "But leave some of the meat at the cadaver!"

"Why?", Starke Klaue asked. "Since when do we waste meat?"

"That's part of the plan and now we have to cover in the bushes!"

Starke Klaue scratched himself behind his head and followed him.

"I still don't understand…"

"Look! The skycreatures are scavengers and usually the first at a fresh cadaver. And as soon as one lands here we will get him."

"That will not work!", Starke Klaue said.

"Just wait!"

"Sturmblut… Skycreatures aren't stupid. I don't believe they can't be tricked that easily."

"Hunger can be that powerful, that it stops every way of logical thinking.", Sturmblut said. "You don't sense any danger anymore, everything what counts for you is food!"

And Sturmblut was right. After a short while, they heard the sound of large wings above them.

A young, not grown up Pteranodon flow above the carcass. Both carnivores sat in the bushes and didn't move. The Pteranodon circled a little bit above the place before he landed. With some clumsy moves, he approached the carcass. He was starving and searched for food for many days. He started to swallow the meat greedily.

"Now!", Sturmblut whispered.

Sturmblut and Starke Klaue jumped out of the bushes and onto the totally shocked flyer.

"Hold him!", Sturmblut shouted. "Just hold him!"

The Pteranodon fought against his capturers and tried to get the two Raptors of his back.

But they literary pinned him to the ground.

"What the hell are you doing?", the Pteranodon shouted afraid. "Let me go!"

"Keep calm and don't move!", Stumblut growled. "We don't want to kill you! We just want to make sure that you don't fly away!"

"What do you want from me?", the Pteranodon whined.

"We only want to know if you or one of your friends has seen a single female hunter.", Sturmblut said with a calm voice.

"What?", the Pteranodon asked and stopped moving.

"You skycreatures see everything what happen down here from above … or almost everything!", Sturmblut said with a slight smile. "We let you stand up now and please don't try to fly away."

The Pteranodon nodded totally nervous. He didn't trust these strange Raptors. Sturmblut signalized Starke Klaue to let the Flyer stand up.

Slowly the Pteranodon sat down. He feld the urge to fly away but the fear of the Raptors paralyzed him that much that he couldn't.

"So, did you seen the female hunter, or not?", Sturmblut asked.

"N…no. Which female hunter?", The Pteranodon stuttered. After he watched Sturmblut more particularly, he suddenly sayed: "I… I know you! You are the alpha-male of the hunter clan from the volcano mountains."

"What I am is just a despaired brother who is in search of his lost sister. Nothing else.", Sturmblut sighed. "I thought if I ask a skycreature, he will maybe able to help us."

The Pteranodon was loss of words. He never heard before that Raptors cared about each other so much. He only knew them as merciless killing machines and cannibals. And now one of these killers was asking him about help?! The Pteranodon was confused, but he noticed on Sturmblut´s behave that he meant it honestley.

"Maybe I can ask some of my buddies...", the Pteranodon said. This was the first time ever that he spoke with a predator.

"That would be very nice!", Sturmblut said.

"How does she looks like?", the Pteranodon asked.

"Well, she has scale markings similar to me, just more darker and she is not fully grown.", Sturmblut said. "Her name is Windfeger. But the most important thing is that she is alone."

"I understand! Hunters are usalley never alone. O.k., that should be enough information."

"And besides! My name is Sturmblut…", he said and introduced his brother. "…and this is my brother Starke Klaue."

"Well, I doubt there is anyone in the valley who don´t know your name.", the Pteranodon said. "I´m Redwing."

"Redwing, have I your word, that you really ….

"I also have brothers and sisters.", he said. "And I know how it´s like to loose someone. Dont worry! If I know something about your sister, I´ll be back."

"We will be very thankfull!", Starke Klaue said. "She means very much to us!"

Redwing nodded and hovered himself into the air, whirling up some dust.

"We´re waiting for you right here!", Sturmblut shouted after him.

"If he hold his word?", Starke Klaue asked.

"I hope so!", Sturmblut sights.


In the deep of the night the raptors of the volcano mountains where huddled together in their cave and slept. With one exception!

„Schatten… wake up!", Schlitzer wispered in her ear. "It´s time!"

Schatten was still awake and immediately opened her eyes. "Is it save?"

„Yes! There all asleep and I have scheduled Graue Schuppe as tonights scout.", Schlitzer answered. Schatten took her child in to her arms, carefully not to wake her up.

"Quick, follow me!", Schlitzer hissed. „Now or never!"

Schatten followed her mate out of the cave. She was nervous as they moved towards Graue Schuppe. The raptor stood in some distance to the cave to keep an eye for uninvited troublemakers. But something was odd, the predator wasn´t moving at all. As they came closer they heard a snoring noise. Schatten was astonished, as she saw that Graue Schuppe was asleep while standing there.

"Graue Schuppe!", Schlichter wispered and chuckled. „In this case I can count on him!"

As they left the „scout" behind Schlitzer spoke: „So, I can´t accompany you two any longer."

"Will your sister welcome me in her clan?", Schatten asked.

„Of course she will! She is an very fair Alpha-Female, she will friendly receipt you." He answered. "And you will have all the protection that I can´t give you any longer."

"Why can´t you come with us?"

"Strumblut is my friend and does his best for the clan. If i would leave him now, I wont be any better than those traitors."

Suddenly something was moving in Schattens arms.

"Oh, no! She is awake!"

"Daddy?! Mummy?!", she squeaked. „It´s so dark! Why are we outside?"

"Ssst…", Schlitzer calmed his daugther. „Everything is fine! Mummy and you are going to make a little journey."

"A journey?"

"Yeah, and it´s beautyful where you go! Much more than here.", Schlitzer said. „And you will meet your aunt."

" Don´t you come with us?", she asked.

"Ill come later. At first I have some important things to do.", he said and saw Schattens worried expression. „Dear, no matter how long it takes. Please, under no circumstance come back here before I come to you.

"I´m scared!", Schatten said. "What if something happens to you?"

"Everything will be ok!", Schlitzer answered. „The traitors will become their punishments."

"I love you, Schlitzer!", She sobbed and nuzzled his neck.

"I love you to, my dear!"

„Daddy!!!", Schlitzers daughter cried.

"Please don´t cry, my big girl! Ill come after you!", Schlitzer said and hugged her one last time. This time he can´t holding his tears back too. " Be a good girl and do everything that mummy told you! Daddy loves you!"

"I love you too, daddy!"

"You must go now!", Schlitzer said.

"Youre right.", Schatten said and took her cub back in her arms. "Please be carefull!"

"I will!", Schlitzer answered. „Bye, you two! And Schatten, remember to took the abbreviations over the mountains trial. There may be less predators."

"I´ll do it. Bye, Schlitzer!", Schatten nodded and left with her daughter the very place wich she saw as the safest place of the world. But now Sturmbluts clan was breaking apart. She hoped instantly on the sanity of the clan not to turn against their Alpha. She watched her daughter, who was falling asleep peacefully, and sighed.


At dusk the young Pterosaur was flying above the clearing where he had been rudely ambushed by the two raptors a day ago. Redwing didnt really know why he did this, but he was a good-natured Pterosaur, and these two raptors really seemed to be very desperate because of their loss. He remembered how many of his siblings had already died. Only he and three more were left of originally nine chicks. But he had some good news for the two carnivores.

„Sturmblut?... Starke Klaue?", he shouted. „Are you there?"

Sturmblut yawned when he was woken up by a fluttering noise. „Redwing!!!", Sturmblut shouted. „I never thought that I would ever see you again."

„I... ah... honestly... I didnt wanted to return at first. But then again your story really touched me, because it reminded me of my own family and, well... but forget it, okay?", Redwing said. He was still in the air, and he really had no intentions to land. „Anyway, one of my comrades spotted a female hunter applicable to your description."

„Is she alive?", Starke Klaue asked and immediately jumped up.

„As far as I know shes damn alright!", the pterosaur answered. „Shes running very quickly, isnt she?"

„Thats her!!!", Sturmblut said with great relief. „Shes alive! Thanks to the ancestors! Where is she?"

„She was seen in the vicinity of the tarpits."

„Tarpits?!" Sturmbluts relief quickly declined. „What the hell is she doing there?! The horned ones are living there! She could also lied down in to the nest of a sharp fang instead!"

„Im sorry.", Redwing said. „But I can only repeat what has been told to me."

„Thats okay!", Sturmblut said. „We are very grateful to you. And please excuse our... errr... ambush."

„Nevermind. But couldnt you just have asked me?"

„Would you have come down from the sky when two hunters had started to talk to you?", Sturmblut asked back.

„Hmm... very unlikely!", Redwing answered.

„You can have the rest of our prey.", Sturmblut said. „Just eat your fill!"

„Wow, thanks! You cant imagine how long Ive been looking for something substantial!", Redwing said happily and landed next to the prey. But then he frightened to death. Damn, how could he be so naive, now he was in the hands of the raptors again! He looked to the raptors with fear in his eyes. Would they now throw themselves at him and tear him apart?

But Sturmblut only smiled. „You dont have to be afraid of us. You helped us a lot and we wont forget that. If you should need some help anytime, you can turn to us, friend."

Redwing couldnt believe his ears. „D... did you call me a friend?!"

„Right!", Sturmblut said. „From now on I will see that no hunter should ever kill a skycreature!"

„I cant believe it! Now Im a friend of Sturmblut, the most cunning hunter in the valley!", Redwing said. „No one would ever believe me that!"

The journey lasted almost one day until Sturmblut and Starke Klaue reached the tarpits. There was steam everywhere and a strange haze was in the air. It smelled awful.

„I just hope that well find her quickly!", Sturmblut said. „This is disgusting! What does Windfeger do at such a place like this one?"

In the distance they heard the roaring of some carnivores.

„We have to be careful!", Starke Klaue said.

They advanced further into the swamps. Everywhere they found leftovers of some unlucky dinosaurs who got stuck in the mud and didnt came out anymore. It was a creepy sight. Suddenly they heard some heavy steps. The two raptors quickly hide themselves in the underwood when something big passed by them.

„Just our luck! A horned one!", Sturmblut hissed.

Those horned ones were Carnotaurus, enormous carnivores looking somewhat similar to a T-Rex. But their most striking sign were two short horns above the forehead, giving them a somewhat demonical look. Sturmblut felt a great relief when the Carnotaurus moved on without noticing the two raptors.

„I think he didnt notice us because of all these scents!", Starke Klaue said.

„Lets go on!", Sturmblut said. „But be careful!"

Starke Klaue nodded. How should they find Windfeger here? They couldnt even dare to call for her without attracting the Carnotaurus. Then suddenly something roared behind them! The Carnotaurus had returned and bared his fangs.

„Run!", Sturmblut shouted.

With a loud growl the Carnotaurus started chasing the two raptors. But the two clever carnivores seperated from each other. Without thinking the Carnotaurus followed Starke Klaue. Sturmblut slowed down and looked into the direction where Starke Klaue and his pursuer disappeared.

Sturmblut wanted to go on, but then he heard a rustle directly behind him. But when he turned around the noise was gone.

„Great!", he thought. „Now Im already imagining things. That must be this strange air!"

When he turned away from the bushes to go on, he noticed a short hissing and before he knew what was going on someone pulled him down to the ground. Sturmblut growled and tried to hit the attacker with his claws.

„Sturmblut, calm down! Its me!", a female voice, that was very familiar to him spoke.

„Windfeger?!" Sturmblut opened his eyes and looked into the young face of his sister.

„If you had done just another step, you would have sunken into the mud!"

„Windfeger, I..." Sturmblut didnt know what to say.

„Well, so this time my brother really moved his butt to find me!", Windfeger said. „Did you miss me?"

„Windfeger, Im so sorry!", Sturmblut said. „I said some very stupid things to you."

„Oh yes, you can say that again!"

„I was so worried about you! I almost feared that I would never see you again!" He was close to burst into tears. „I never wanted you to leave the clan. Youre my little sister."

„And thats exactly the problem!", she said. „Youre still thinking that I´m your little sister. Cant you accept the fact that Im slowly becoming an adult? I wanted to show you that I am able to find my own way. Otherwise I wouldnt have survived here in the swamps."

„I see that. Youve really become more adult.", Sturmblut said. „And youre looking quite well."

„Ive quickly learned how to survive in the swamps.", she said. „But, to be honest: The worst enemy out here werent the horned ones, it was the loneliness."

„But now youre no longer alone.", Sturmblut said and smiled.

„Sturmblut, Im really happy that you came here to look for me for yourself instead of sending another scouting group."

„So you knew that..."

„Yes, Schlitzer and the other ones were also here", Windfeger replied. „But I didnt want them to find me. I wanted to know if the clan is more important to you than your sister, and if youre really interested in me."

„And to which conclusion did you come?"

She flung around his neck, nearly crushing him. „I missed you so! Where have you been all those years?"

„Now everythings fine again, sis!", he replied.

„Sis?! You didnt call me that since our childhood!", she said. „Now Im really convinced that the old Sturmblut has returned!"

„Well, well, well. Now what is that?", Starke Klaue suddenly spoke. „Im really indignant! Doesnt my little sister want to hug me anymore?"

„Starke Klaue, youre here, too?!?!" Windfeger was totally besides herself with joy and rushed into his arms.

„Hey, cutey! Do I really have you back!", Starke Klaue sighed and pressed her against him.

„You managed to escape the horned one unscathed, as I see.", Sturmblut said.

„No sweat! The horned ones are pretty ugly, but not very clever.", Starke Klaue said.

„So now we three are unified again.", Sturmblut said. „That means, if Windfeger wants to return home with us."

„You can bet I want to!", Windfeger replied. „Do you really believe that Im going to stay here any longer?"

Finally the three siblings were unified again and returned home. On their way back home Windfeger told what she had experienced during her stay in the tar pits.

„You know what, Sturmblut?", Starke Klaue said. „Its not that unusual that Windfeger went to the tar pits. You both already liked it to go to the swamps when you were very young."

„Oh, well, I dont like to think about that.", Sturmblut said. „I think that was the only time when we really got into troubles with you."

„I still can remember that a little bit. You threw us into the river to get us clean again.", Windfeger said.

„You both were so filthy that it was hardly possible to smell you!", Starke Klaue said. „But I think that I really taught you a lesson for your life!"

„You really did that!", Sturmblut and Windfeger said simultaneously.

„How did you know that you could find me in the tar pits?", Windfeger asked.

„A friend gave us a hint.", Sturmblut replied. „Hes a skycreature, called Redwing."


„Without his help we would probably have never found you.", Starke Klaue said. „And thats why we wont kill a skycreature anymore."

It didnt last long until they saw the familiar rocks of the volcano mountains.

„Its a strange feeling to be at home again.", Windfeger said.

„Im curious for some looks.", Sturmblut said. „Many believed that you were already dead. But I have never given up hope of seeing you again."

When they finally walked up the mountain path Starke Klaue suddenly stopped.

„Whats wrong?", Windfeger asked.

„Somethings not okay!", he said. „Just smell!"

„Youre right!", Sturmblut said and sniffed the air. „It smells like..."

„...blood!", Windfeger complemented.

„Yes, but it doesnt smell like prey!", Starke Klaue said.

„I have a very bad feeling!", Sturmblut growled. „Quick! To the cave!"

They ran up the hill as fast as possible. But when they reached the cave they discovered a horrible scenery. Horrified Windfeger turned away from the scenery and had to vomit.

„Oh, no!", Starke Klaue shouted. „Please, no!!!"

„By the fathers of the ancestors! What happened here?!?!", Sturmblut yelled.

To be continued.