The silent killer,
It touches each of us
Though we may not feel it.
Some it brushes and others are grasped.
Many do not see it until it glares in their eyes.
Many do not feel it steal to them in the night.
Others do not feel its stealth in the day.
It steals our mothers and fathers.
It is more common with age.
But it loves to take children from our sight
without cause.
It creeps into our lives when we least expect it.
We are all touched by this silent killer in some way.
We may see it in its stealth form and never know until,
Oops, to late.
This killer is more common then I can tell.
Though it gets away with more then any man.
Sometimes caught but life is never the same,
After being touched by such a killer

*Authors note. I didn't tell so if you know what/who the killer is lave
your guess as a review, and other comments are welcome. This should be easy
to guess, though I could be wrong.*