~A.N.~ Whee!! I like posting my songs!!!! -squee- ... I'm not bipolar, by the way... just weird.
This song has all sorts of nifty key changes and switches from major to minor... The stuff in the brackets is me trying to identify what mood/key the music is in... It's so much easier to explain if one hears it... if you're my buddy, I might just play it for you someday... or, if your lucky, you've already heard it. o_0


I am lying in my bed,
Listening to the voices in my head.
I guess I was wrong...
I guess I waited too long.
I just like to see your face,
But now it's unclear.
And now, she's won the race,
Leaving me in tears...

Why did you leave me here?
Why leave me with my fears?
I can't take it.
I don't want your shit
Anymore... (that whore)

You think you're so great,
Like I should pray to you.
So I felt the need to wait,
Because I loved you too...

I like
Your facial features.
I like
To hold your hand.
We'll face
Those evil creatures
And against them
We will stand
And lose...

You said you loved me,
you said you cared!
What was wanted of me?
Was I ever there
To you?

I can't touch you,
Now you're stained.
It hurt, you knew.
What was gained??

[ridiculously depressed and angsty]
So now I sigh,
As I quietly cry.
Will you know why,
when I die?
You will,
You will.