family honor

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Family honor, just what is it? Is it to make your family proud? Or to sacrafice yourself to them?

Senpuki woke up from her late night slumber, the rays of the sun caught her eyes. She moaned and turned herself to face the wall until a loud knock came from the door. After tripping over a few clothes, the thirteen year old made her way to the door. Her warm hands traced around the cold knob until finally turning it.

In front of her was a wounded soilder, probably from her clan. The Kohi clan. One of the few clans that had the power to control one of the three elements. Fire, wind, and water. Earth was once considered to be an element, but since the Kamikaze incident, it refused to be used by anyone. None was able to control it.

Senpuki quickly went to the soilders aid. She let him sit on her bed and she wrapped his wounds. As Senpuki's hands delicately wrapped the wounds she noticed something. The wounds were almost everywhere. They were lgiht wounds, but they were everywhere.

Taking a deep breath she asked the soilder, "Did the Kokaze Clan do this?"

The Kokaze clan was once again, one of the three clans that were able to use elements. The other was the Komizu Clan. Both were dangerous. The Kokaze Clan however, signed a treaty with the Kohi Clan. So what could've been the problem? After all, there were three leaders of each clan. What could Senpuki know though? She was only a commoner.

"No.." The soilder whispered. Senpuki could barely hear the man's hoarse voice.

"It..was a demon. A demon. He attacked our Clan. He took our..." The soilder trailed off and slumped back on the bed. His eyes were red and his body turned cold.

"He took what? He took what?" Senpuki asked.

"..Project.N.M.E.." The soilder said his final words and dided right there.

Senpuki looked at the man wide eyed. She heard of the Project N.M.E, but never really thought it was real. Stories were told of it, but there wasn't any facts to prove it. So, in truth, Senpuki had no idea what Project N.M.E. was all about. Senpuki screamed as she heard a loud crash outside her window. The soilder had led the enemies to her apartment!

"Goodie goodie!" Senpuki said starcatically. She grabbed her beloved cell phone, and jacket, and took one good look at the soilder. Swiftly, she took his gun and ran to her door. Slamming it shut behind her, she ran as fast as her feet could take her.

"Out of all of the times for a war to happen..." Senpuki complained. She put the gun in front of her and inspected it. Too bad she didn't know how to use it. "Let's see, pull back the trigger and.." She faced the gun away from her and shot the bullet. Feeling acomplished, she jumped down the stairs and ran down the empty streets.

Senpuki gasped when she hit downtown. There was blood everywhere, on the walls, on the steeets.

"It's a blood lust." Senpuki confirmed. She walked softly into the bloody graves. When her eyes caught something. Her throat went dry as she asked this question to herself. "W-where are the bodies?"

Hearing a noise, Senpuki turned and fired at the nearby trash can. When she saw a little black cat appear form the trash can, then dart across the streets, Senpuki exhaled deeply. Then she knew. Senpuki had to get out of the town. Not having a family, and not having any friends, really put an advantage to Senpuki at this time. She turned around and tried to run as fast as she could.

"How..this all of this happen..I was just having a good day before. Everything was..normal..." Senpuki said. Her breathing became hard as she quickened her pace. On to the subway. The trains were no longer running, but it seemed like a good place to run and hide at the same time.

"I was really having a" Senpuki acknowledged again. Her thoughts went back to the day before.


Senpuki walked out of her apartment, putting on her jacket she went off to get food for her to cook some breakfast. As she walked down the stairs she caught some girls wearing their blue and white uniforms all smiling and talking to each other. One of the girls looked up and caught Senpuki's gaze. The girl smirked and whispered to her friends, then her friends looked at Senpuki. They all alughed and continued their walk to school.

Sighing, Senpuki felt anger take over her. She didn't have enough money to pay for school, so, she went to the library to teachherself. In truth though, she hated reading. It was just that the other kids would always say "smart" things to her and thought that Senpuki would'nt get it. Senpuki understood it though, every single word. If Senpuki every fought back though, it would just get her in trouble. The police always favored the richer girls instead of the poorer ones. Heck, even the poor kids ignored Senpuki.

It was all because of one thing, her eyes. They were a rich color of red, ver rare in the days. True, Senpuki was from the Kohi Clan, but noone realy knew. Only Senpuki. They say anyone who was able to control fire was from the Kohi Clan. So, Senpuki decided that her name must be Senpuki Kohi. Instead it was Senpuki Miako. Sadly, if she told anyone about her powers, or even showed them, she would still be known as Senpuki Miako.

After reaching the bottom of the stairs, Senpuki quickly made her way to the store after reaching a gate, she dialed a few numbers on her cell phone and waited for the person to answer. Yes, yes, if she was poor, how could she afford a cell phone? Well, reading really has done some good for Senpuki. She put together a few metals, stole a few wires, stole a girl's cell phone, and then copied the model. After giving back the cell phone, Senpuki then had a cell phone she didn't have to pay for.

Finally, Senpuki heard a voice from the other end. "Open the gate!" She yelled into the phone. After a good few lectures from the other side of the phone, Senpuki heard a creak, and the gate was open.

She grabbed her stuff and money, and headed for the town shops. Getting a few vegateables, and maybe a slice of meat if she had enough money after buying the bread. Paying she saw the school girls again. They were ditching again. Senpuki felt disgusted, she would give anything to go to the school, and here these girls were, just skipping classes.

Leaving the store Senpuki saw a few soilders walk pass her, one of them even saluted her. How intresting. Little did she know, it was going to come back and haunt her later.

Senpuki put down her stuff, made some food, and got to the books. It was like that almost everyday. Except every once in a while, if there was barely anyone on the streets, she would take a good jog.

..yeah. It was pretty normal.

--back to todae---

Senpuki ran into the subway and slid down against the wall. She had ran out of bullets a long time ago and only kept it with her to she could hit people with. Closing her eyes, she decided it was best not to sleep, she could'nt help it though. Senpuki slowly found herself drifting off into sleep.

..then she heard music.


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