The moon takes it's place in the sky. It hangs high above the world, gazing down. Sei walks out of the gladiator dwellings, his face is upturned toward the midnight sky. It was dark, and late; way past sleeping hours. "He said the place was here," he murmurs to himself out loud.

He stops at the sacred spot. The spot where Heizen was to meet with Genmu. The spot where Genmu was beheaded. The spot where Sei would escape. His strawberry blonde head looks this way and that. "The coast is clear.." murmurs Sei.

He looks down at the ground, at the hidden hinges of the door. The trap door in the floor. That lead to the sewers, and out of the coliseum. Sei kneels down, and pulls on the stones. He pulls harder. Yet it will not budge.

"Why won't it open?" groans Sei to himself. He grunts, pulling at the stones. A hand lands upon his shoulder. He freezes, standing up straight. "Another unfaithful soldier," murmurs a cold voice of one of the gray ladies.

Sei's blue eyes look over his shoulder, at the emotionless eyes of the queen's servant. "Come," she mutters. Sei pulls away. "No! I am leaving!" he yells. The woman in gray stands there looking at him. She then pulls something from her pocket; a shimmering bottle like object. And then the white spray hits his face.


The fragrant vanilla leaves his nose, and the fuzzy feeling that had over taken his body vanishes. Sei groans in protest and sits up slowly, holding his head. Cold stone welcomes his touch. He shivers.

Forlorn blue eyes look upward, finding a similar stone ceiling. To the west side is more harsh stone, and to the east, north and south stand sets of black iron bars. The cells seem endless, and vanish into no where the further his eye looks down. Yet they were all empty. Except for the cell right next to Sei's, the one to the north.

His blue eyes squint as he notices the outline of a person huddled in the corner of the cell. Too tired to stand up, Sei crawls over on his knees to the side of his cell closest to the other inmate. "Excuse me," he murmurs softly. The lump does not respond. Sei pauses for a moment, but continues soon after. "Where are we?" he asks.

"The pathway to death," murmurs the lump. Sei gulps. "So, I didn't make it out," murmurs Sei as he falls against the side of his cell. He pulls his knees to his chest. "I couldn't make out… I couldn't follow Heizen," says Sei in a sad whisper.

"Did you say Heizen?" asks the other inmate softly. "Yes," murmurs Sei. Silence fills in the small gap. "Is that you Sei?" asks the inmate again. Sei raises his head suddenly, looking into the other cell. The dim blue light illuminates Heizen's familiar face.

Sei's eyes widen. He springs for the bars and grips to them tight. "Heizen!" he cries with joy. "Sei…" is Heizen's soft reply. He too gets up and goes to the bars. "You still have the ring," says Heizen, looking at Sei's hand on the iron. Sei nods, looking at Heizen with a sad smile on his face.

Heizen looks back at Sei. "I didn't make it out," he murmurs. Sei reaches through the bars, and grabs up Heizen's hand in his. "Neither did I. But I found you, thank God I found you," says Sei, his watery eyes shinning in the pale light. "What about Jou?" asks Heizen.

Sei's expression changes slightly, and he looks off to the side. "I've had it with him. I was seeking comfort from him and all he did was brush it off and pull me toward the bed," says Sei with an annoyed tone. Heizen looks at him silently. "You were right about him," mutters Sei.

Heizen takes the other Seme's hand to his lips and kisses it gently. "Your vision was clouded. But now the blinders have been removed," says Heizen soothingly. "A bit late," Sei groans.

The strawberry blonde leans his head against the bars. Heizen watches him for a moment, the cellblock becoming deathly quiet. The silver-eyed Seme wraps his arms around Sei through the iron bars. He pulls himself close to the bars as he can, feeling the cold of the iron and the warmth of Sei against himself.

"I'm sorry," murmurs Sei. "For what?" asks Heizen in a whisper. Sei grips Heizen's shirt, his blue eyes still focusing on the set of bars between them. "For driving you away," replies Sei. He shudders in mid-sentence. "We're going to die, and its all my fault," whimpers Sei, his body tensing.

The blue-eyed Seme sniffles for a while, as the other sits in silence. Heizen tightens his grip around Sei. "I am happy, being here with you now Sei. You did nothing wrong," says Heizen as he leans his forehead against Sei's.

"But," starts Sei, looking at the silver eyes. When the last sound of defiance left his mouth, Heizen kisses Sei. A kiss; soft and kind. The one of strawberry blonde relaxes under the sweet touch. Heizen breaks the kiss, and smiles at Sei.

Blue eyes look back at silver. "Why did you do that?" asks Sei. "Because I love you Sei. I can't die and not tell you I love you," murmurs Heizen. A soft pink blush comes over Sei's cheeks. "I swear that's how I feel," says Heizen again. A soft hand strokes Sei's cheek, to which Sei leans his head into the palm. "I… I love you too, Heizen," whispers Sei. He smiles with a loving sigh-His expression clearly displaying his enjoyment of the simple yet tender touch upon his cheek.

The platinum Seme's hand caresses down Sei's thigh, causing it to shiver. Sei sighs again, feeling the prickling tingle flow down his spine from every little touch. He pushes closer to the bars, only to be stopped by their cold exterior. "Curse the iron," mutters Sei under his breath.

Heizen lightly kisses his nose. "We can curse it all we want, but they will remain," he replies, as a warm hand tilts up Sei's chin. Heizen knowingly smiles at him, then plants another smooth kiss upon his lips. Sei drapes his arms, as far as they will go, around Heizen's shoulders. He closes his blue eyes, loving the feel of the other Seme's lips upon his.

The silver-eyed Seme nips at the other's lips. Each alluring nip triggers a soft moan from Sei's throat. Heizen grips onto Sei's thin shirt, and pulls it over his head. Sei gasps upon feeling the icy black bars touch his chest. The sweep of cold hardens his rosy nipples.

The platinum Seme's pleasing lips nip and kiss down along Sei's chest, in-between the bars of ice. The warm tongue licks at the other's silky skin. Sei leans his head backwards, a pleased cry falling from his mouth. Heizen's tongue laps at his hardened nipples. Sei grips at Heizen's shirt. In the midst of his soft cries, he manages to pull the shirt from Heizen's toned chest.

Talented hands make little time of Sei's pants, removing them swiftly. Sei does the same to Heizen's, his breath moving fast. He impatiently slips the material off of the silver-eyed Seme. They both pause momentarily, gazing upon the naked body of one another.

Sei blushes and looks back up at his lover's eyes. "What's the point when there are bars in the way?" he murmurs. Heizen smiles again, pulling Sei close to the bars once more. He gently pulls one of Sei's legs through the bars, resting it beside him. He does the same to the other. Sei quivers from the freezing black iron pressing against his inner thighs.

Heizen holds him tight against the bars. He slides his own legs into Sei's cell. "We shall overcome the bars," murmurs Heizen as he pulls Sei down upon him. Sei cries out as he is impaled ever so slowly. The warmth of Heizen inside him, and the chilling cold of the jail bars messes with the strawberry blonde's senses.

Sei feels the silver-eyed Seme grip firmly to his supple rear. He pulls and pushes him up and down his length. Each slow thrust sends Sei into a fit of pleasurably tortured moans. "You're teasing me," he whines. Heizen smiles cunningly, and lets go of Sei with one hand. The free hand then moves to the shorter Seme's excited instrument.

With gentle precision, Heizen strokes the boy's length painfully slow. More tormented cries of bliss escape Sei's throat. His back arches, and his muscles tighten. "Heizen!" he cries. "Sei," replies Heizen in a tantalizingly sexy voice. Chills of pleasure roll down Sei's body, as he feels the desire within him climbing upward. Up and up it goes, but it never goes over the top. The teasing game ignites many more cries from Sei.

"Please Heizen, please!" whimpers Sei, feeling as if his body could no longer take the climatic feelings building up inside any further---As if they were calling to be released. "Heizen!" screams Sei, his voice echoing through the empty cells all around them.

One well-timed thrust, and a sensual stroke sends him over the edge. "Oh Heizen!" gasps Sei as the amazing orgasm crashes upon his body. His muscles release, as the all powerful, wondrous feeling overtakes his system.

Sei leans forward on the bars. The original cold of the iron turned to heat from the utter excitement in the air. The strawberry blonde breaths deeply, his body covered in beads of sweat. Heizen hugs him tightly. Sei grips onto the long platinum locks.

"I wasn't too rough was I?" murmurs Heizen. Sei shakes his head, and smiles blissfully. "Knowing… and loving you right now Heizen, that's made my life worth living. Through all the pain I've gone through. It's all been worth my while. Even though it ends tomorrow… Heizen you complete me," breathes Sei as he pours out his heart.

"You're a beautiful soul… I am blessed to have you, Sei. I am glad I'm allowed to love you, even if the time is short," is Heizen's heart-filled reply. He kisses his forehead affectionately. Sei smiles, and closes his eyes momentarily.

"Heizen?" he asks. "Yes?" asks Heizen in return. "Please, make love to me again," whispers Sei. Heizen smiles. "Surely," he replies, placing a seductive kiss upon Sei's lips.


Blue eyes awaken. Sei yawns loudly and sits up while stretching his arms. His blurry vision focuses. The familiar walls of his childhood bedroom come into view. The blue irises widen and he looks about frantically. "A dream?" he breathes. The room is silent. The only noise he hears is sounds of his mother downstairs, working in the kitchen.

"It was a dream," murmurs Sei. He shivers suddenly and rubs his upper arms. He gets up from the bed and glances at the mirror. His sixteen-year-old corpse stares back at him in the shiny surface. "Even though it started out as a nightmare… I was starting to enjoy it," mutters Sei as he changes into his clothes.

He walks down the stairs. "Good morning mother," calls Sei and he walks into the kitchen. His mom looks over at him. She smiles sadly and walks over to hug her son. He hugs back tightly. "Today's the day isn't it," he whispers to her. She nods.

"I am going to miss you, my Seikyou," she sighs sadly. "I shall miss you too, mother. I will never forget you," says Sei as he closes his eyes and gives her a loving kiss to the cheek. She pulls away slowly. "You will be in my prayers," she says as her final word. Sei nods and smiles one last time. He heads for the door and walks out.

The familiar streets of the kingdom welcome his view. Boys his age were running to the street corner near the tournament arenas. A familiar auburn-haired boy spots him and runs over. "Are you ready Sei?" he asks excitedly. Sei shivers a little suddenly, but then nods. "Are you alright?" asks Jou, noticing the slightly sickened look on Sei's face.

"Yes," murmurs Sei, feeling his stomach churn. Thoughts of his long dream come to his mind. He brushes them aside. "He would never do that," murmurs Sei to himself.

The group of boys converse loudly. "Attention!" shouts a stern voice. The boys suddenly quiet and look towards the holder of the voice. Standing before them stands what appeared to be a war general. His award studded uniform and shiny black boots alarm looks of envy from the young boys.

Sei's eyes widen upon noticing the general's long platinum blonde hair, hanging loosely down his back. "I am General Heizen Binanshi. From this day forth you all shall make up a regiment under my orders," informs Heizen to the group.

He pulls out a list of names, and starts to call them out. Sei stares up at the officer from his spot in the crowd. He feels his heart start to pound faster. "How… How could I have… dreamed about someone I didn't know existed?" asks Sei to himself.

"Moroi, Seikyou?" asks Heizen. "I am here," murmurs Sei, his throat sounding a bit dry and his voice a bit quivery. Heizen pauses in roll call, and looks out at Sei. Their eyes lock momentarily. And then the straight-faced general smiles warmly. Sei feels the urge to melt as he smiles back.

The roll call continues. Jou looks over at Sei. He gives him an odd look. "Why did he smile at you?" asks Jou. Sei looks back at his friend. "You could say we've met before," says Sei softly. "Oh? Where?" asks Jou. "Just call it destiny," murmurs Sei with a knowing smile.

After the directions from their superior are given, the young boys run off into the colliseum. Sei walks up to the officer slowly. "Excuse me," murmurs Sei. Heizen watches the last of the boys run in. He then looks down at Sei.

"Yes?" replies the general. Sei pauses before spouting an answer. With no words to help him, he does the unthinkable. He stands on his toes and kisses the officer. To his surprise, two strong arms wrap about his waist. Sei pulls back. His young eyes stare up at Heizen. His cheeks are red. "I am sorry," murmurs Sei.

Heizen covers the shorter boy's mouth with his own once more, all a bit suddenly. Sei's eyes widen but soon close in simple sweet joy. The platinum-haired general pulls back and smiles fondly. "I take it you had a dream too?" he asks. Sei smiles and nods. The taller man's smile widens a bit. "Come, the tournaments wait," he murmurs softly, planting another kiss upon Sei's lips.

"Alright, General Binanshi," says Sei softly after the kiss. The general pulls away, walks towards the door, and glances back at Sei. "You can call me Heizen," he says with a suggestive tone. Sei blushes brighter and walks after his superior and his lover.

"Yes, little Sei. Everything will be alright," cackles a fiendish voice. Then glowing red eyes of the queen pierce the darkness. The looking glass, portraying Sei running into the coliseum, shows her everything. "And everything is falling right into place," she giggles, taking a sip of her wine. "My little game,"