Ok this is a new story. It features violence/abuse, romance, friendship and family themes.
**Warning: This story contains references to rape and violence. If this offends you or you do not want to read it I'm not making you. If you do read it and don't like the story due to these references don't complain to me. I am warning you of them and you don't have to read, or if you don't like it you can discontinue reading. Thankyou.**

Chapter 1: Mike

Aidy Coppeli stood at the battered door of her home. The outside walls were peeling and grey while the roof had lost at least half of the slates it had begun with. The spring breeze forced Aidy to pull a piece of gleaming auburn hair from her eyes. A mug of coffee was clasped in her right hand as her left arm was around a pillar.

The fields before her looked dry and tired like they had given up. Aidy sighed feeling similar herself. A groan could be heard within her home and she turned back to the door trembling. The loose faded green jumper hung off of her arms and she took comfort in its gentle warmth.

Another groan drew her fingertips to her cheek. She winced. The bruise had formed and she suspected it was visible by now. Moving her hand to her lips she flinched again, licking the tender area as if to sooth it.

She rubbed tired eyes and wiped away the now dried tears of the previous night. She knew her eyes were swollen, as they always were when she cried all night. Getting a fist in them didn't help either.

Aidy knew she couldn't stay here much longer when she heard the third and more alert groan. Reluctantly she headed inside.

The sight that greeted her was much different from the peaceful one outside. Broken toys and ornaments were scattered among the floor. An untidy rug lay in the centre of the room and showed evidence of a struggle. Small droplets of blood were on the wall in one corner as if they had been banished there like the nightmarish memory of their creation.

Aidy proceeded through to the master bedroom where a man lay in the bed. His nakedness was shielded a by twisted duvet. Messy, black hair sat upon his head and a rough beard occupied his chin. Open, blue eyes looked up wearily towards Aidy. She was disgusted by the gross image of her husband. Not that he was particularly ugly, infact he had a fit body and was extremely handsome but the emotional distress he had caused Aidy made her see him as no more than an evil, self-absorbed monster.

The man beckoned her towards him and in fear of being punished she did not dare to disobey him. She set down the coffee mug on a shelf and sat next to him on the bed.

"Aidy..." He ran a strong hand through her soft hair. Then he grasped her shoulders and forced his lips upon hers. She tried to pull away.

"Mike!" Yet although not an extremely fragile person herself she was far too weak compared to him. He tightened his grip on her shoulders and pushed her back down onto the bed. "Stop, you're hurting me." He ignored her protests and continued to kiss her harshly.

"Mummy?" Aidy sighed relieved when a voice called from the main room. Mike let her go and lay back into his sleeping position as if he had never moved from it.

"Get her to school will you? I've got work to do today so I can't."

If you've got work to do then why don't you get up and do it? Aidy thought angrily. All the same she rose from the bed and headed towards the main room.


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