Disclaimer: This is my own work, any similarity to the work of another is purely coincidental.

From Eye To Eye

We walked hand-in-hand into the woods, two losts. We both knew the tragedy of life and had many inner scars to prove the trials unworthy. We did not speak because we knew the true poison of words and we enveloped the silence like a dying flower envelopes its fate. Hope's shattering still stung my eardrums and the shards had cut your skin so that the blood ran upward, tinting the sky a fire red, the likes of which we'd never seen. I was brought back to a time before the wood, a time when our ignorance, for which we now suffered, brought us immeasurable bliss. In that time, the era of grey you had said, "Existence is pain" and I found myself in a sudden position to agree.

And then the sky changed. You listened to the statement and were driven down, I can never forget your look of pain, it haunts me still. I tried to take it back, but your insistence on its truth froze my heart into a stone sacrament of which I still hold. I watched as you took us into this immaculate forest, so quickly had it risen, so quickly its forever. We stepped past the others, frozen in place by our ill determination, no one, it seemed, longed for freedom. No one walked to care. Only blank faces accompanied us. They wove crowns of thorns for us and placed them upon our heads as if we would be the ones to save them. Their personal saviors.

You tried to pull me away. This was treacherous and the stone-accusations flew. Lies of murder and foul soultheft chased us. The eyes changed the skies, the red melted into scorching rain that singed our souls, letting smoking dreams escape our vessels. The sky was a canvas, a massive white that parted to reveal the gears of the universe, tearing apart reality. Sounds killed the nonbelievers, the ones that fled turned to stone, fear-filled pillars. You held me still to your chest and I failed to hear a heartbeat. Had you frozen that way?

The faces of those who once worshiped cracked and faded away, lost from lack of understanding. They did not see the gears break, they didn't see time stop. The glare of invisibility blinded them; they will never understand you or me. We are alone here, your worst fear come true. I held you tight as you screamed, but the sound went unheard and was captured by a ghost wind that chilled your bones. My arms wrapped tighter around you and you began to cry, tears to rival only the apocalyptic rain. I reveled in your tears; they would bring me salvation, even though they brought your demise. Existence is pain, and yours has ended.