Once upon a time
In a far away land
Lived a little girl
Who didn't understand

Crying tears of candy
Catching drops as they fall
Rocking back and forth
Singing to her doll

The little girl would smile
Kiss her wooden prince
He would croon and whisper
She hasn't cried since

How she loved her prince
And her candy tears
So content and happy
In love all these years

He would make her laugh
So happy she would cry
He would kiss away the candy
Coming from her eye

The girl and prince grew older
Things started to get tough
It hurt when she cried
The candy felt rough

He made her cry often
No longer did he sing
Her eyes grew hard and bitter
Oh how those tears would sting

One day she found a letter
He was telling her goodbye
Told her he still loved her
But that his heart had run dry

Her eyes started to glisten
Oh the pain she was in
The forsaken candy tears
Rolled off her chin

The candy tears once sweet
Once loved by a prince
Oh those cherished candy tears
Haven't been sweet since