The Cow

Out in a field green with gelatanous grass,

Before my eyes my life came to pass,
For a cow gone mad was after my bum,
In that moonlit field of wint'ry glum.

The wind spun round me and the bovine gave chase,
Ne'er had I contemplated such a riling race,
Nor had I pondered such an extroardinary fate,
Just when I was near become Veronica the Late!

A flying flipped burger of dazzling porportion,
Flew threw the air with top bun contortion,
Noticed I the interior lacking,
The filling needed to make it lip smacking!

As it did land in a tree I did shout "help now!
"Ere I be eaten by this maniacal cow!"
And with sudden suction like a hoover,
The contraption becane a mad-cow remover!

"Thanks!" I did yell in ecstatic proclomation,
"My life you did save from sure trepedation!"
Heifer in jaws, the burger gave leave,
And I had a story they'd never believe.