By:Andrew Troy Keller

In the year 2991,it had suddenly became a crime
To travel through time,
For they had figured that we tamper with history,
Our version of 2991 would cease to be.

But that was until a certain Dr. Peter Wayne--
Which is me--was unable to withstand the pain
And has decided to do something that was against the law.
I had traveled to the year 1969 and escaped the claw
Of the society that had caused me nothing,but pain.

As soon as I had reached the year of 1969
And destroyed the time machine,I had gone to dine
At a local diner,
Which was where I've met and fallen in love with her--
A raven-haired beauty named Victoria Devine.

And when she and I had taken a look into our eyes,
We both had decided to give living together a try.
And after a full year of living together,
I was finally able to marry her--
And we'll remain together until the day we die.

As for the year of 2991,where I had came from,
It suddenly wasn't the year of Mechicrom
Anymore,for it had changed into an era of peace
And goodwill,which means it had gotten a new lease
On life,thanks to the one who had gone against the law of Mechicrom.