Sapphic for You


In wine
and delicious dreams
of soft linens
and your face,
(don't leave me)
I found you.

Do not touch my bruises.

But the touch is ecstasy,
your voice
murmuring in my hair,
warm breath on my neck
and ears.

Eyes opening,
I know I am alone,
you are gone,
lost to me...(forever)

But I want it so bad.

Our hair is entangled,
your eyes
glazed and unknowing of all but
I never want to release you.

The sweet roundness of your body,
the femininity
pulsating through your every desire...

But it is just a dream,
never was more.

And you are lost,
drowned in the wine and agony,
and I,
I am here,
for another who will take your place.