Lindy, things are changing," said Orlando, turning to face the sunset. "Our old, happy world is changing. It's coming to an end." He turned back to face her, "and we have to let it."

Rosalind looked up at her brother. There was a new sadness in his eyes. It was a sadness she had never seen before, and it hurt her to imagine all the things that could bring this hopeless look to eyes that had once held so much merriment.

She recalled the night of Charlotte's party. She remembered how he had danced and laughed. She remembered how happy he had been; how when he could find no other reason to rejoice, he rejoiced in the beauty of life itself.

But the joy in her dear brother's eyes was gone.

"Oh Landy, must we change too?" cried Rose, rising to her feet. "Our old world is coming to an end, but must we end with it?"

Orlando stood to his feet and took his sister's hand.

"No." he said thoughtfully, "No, we mustn't end with it, but we must let it end and let it change us. Rose, we're changing. We're always changing."

"But why can't it be good change? I don't understand. Why must the change bring sadness to your eyes and heaviness to your heart?" she cried hopelessly.

"Dear Lindy," said her brother lovingly as he embraced her, "you're only sixteen, but I believe you already understand. There was sunlight before the storm of this war began, but, like mother used to say, where there is sunlight, there are shadows. The shadows of this war grew bigger and bigger, until it was a darkness, and the darkness became rain, and the rain became a storm. But Lindy, like mother always said, the sunlight is so much brighter after the storm. Lindy, would spring be as lovely and wonderful if there never was a winter?"

"I suppose not," Rosalind decided.

Orlando brushed a tear from her cheek, "I pray that your eyes will never hold this sadness. Promise me that you'll be strong?

Rose looked at her brother and squeezed his hand. "I'll be strong Landy," she whispered, "I'll be strong."

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