Chapter 1~ Jen RONINA Bretowski

I, Jen Bretowski am the weirdest person that you are likely to meet in your life. Most sixth grade girls care about the simple things. Guys, Cheerleading and of course that adorable sweater at Abercrombie that you HAVE to get. I cared more about the profits that I would make that day, dealing in the sixth grade black market.

You could buy just about anything on the SGBM. Forged hall passes; GOOD school pictures even plagiarized book reports. And all of the profits went to little old moi. I could care less about my grades in school. I rarely showed up to class and the last time that I did a homework assignment was back in third grade. I spent all my time either writing Book reports or breaking into peoples lockers to find hall passes of their past.

If you were smart, you would come sell all your useful junk to me as soon as you were done with it. At least that way you would make a small profit off of it. If you didn't sell it to me, I would find it. The only person in this school that has not been robbed of a book report or two is Tina Mills, smartest girl in school. She looks after her A+ papers. So if, you need any thing, Come and get it at the SGBM conveniently located in Dorkette roost, 3rd floor bathroom. And after your dealings of the day are done, stop by Jen's Soda bar!

"Jen, I need a little women book report. You got any?' asked Kimberly Nicole.

" Let me check," I said as I went back to my high security Book report file cabinet that was located in broken stall 6. Then again most of the toilets were broken but oh well.

" I've got a Michelle Kidful, guaranteed C. and a, wow, a Tina. It's A+ material. It ain't gonna come cheep, Kimmy" I said, in a gleeful voice

" It's Kimberly Nicole thank you very much, " She said, indignantly. " How much for the Tina?"

" You got to under stand Kim."

" Beryly Nicole" the ungrateful prep, interrupted.

I rolled my eyes

" Whatever, I haven't seen a Tina since third grade, my prices are totally fair," I said with dripping sarcasm.

" How much is it Jennifer Ann Bretowski?" Said my dearest cheerleader friend, NOT.

" First of all its Jen not Jennifer, you can look on my birth certificate. And second of all my middle name isn't Ann. "

Kimberly Nicole looked at me with disgust in her eyes.

" 50 bucks," I said, happily.

Kimberly Nicole grumbled, but handed over the money.

" Bye Nicky!"

" KIMBERLY NICOLE!!!!!!!!!!!" She yelled as she ran out of the door.

I smiled. Another productive day. Not only had I made over 200 bucks in profits today, I had also enraged the second most popular girl in school. Boo Yah! My happiness was short lived though, my face turned green when I remembered my vital mistake.

" Kimberly Nicole! You forgot to sign the I-won't-tell-on-you-if-you-don't- tell-on-me agreement wait up!" I yelled.

I ran desperately into the hall looking for her. This was bad, if she told on me now, then I couldn't tell on her. I would have to shut down the SGBM.

"KIMBERLY NICLOE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oof" I yelled as I ran strait into Mrs. Crider.

" Jennifer Bretowski!!!!! You know better that to run in the hall!!!" she said. Mrs. Crider was one of the few teachers that actually knew who I was. All of them knew my name, but very few knew my face. It was probably because I never showed up to class. Mrs.Crider taught detention.

" Why if it isn't my most dearest Mrs. Crider!" I said, sarcastically. " The name's Jen. Not Jennifer, Have you seen Kimberly Nicole?'"

Mrs. Crider looked at me, and shook her head in disgust.

" Jen, I wouldn't tell you where Kimberly Nicole was if her and my life depended on it. Why do want her?'

" I just wanted to tell her that I voted 'Kim-ber-lay Nicole-ay' all the way for student counsel elections." I said with my biggest smile on my face. " Jennifer, that wasn't Kimberly Nicole's slogan. Hers was ' V.O.T.E. A vote for me is a vote for thee!!! Go Kimberly Nicole!!!! Vote for a cheerleader, and you won't be sorry' "

" Oh, heh heh it's really hard to keep track of all of those campaign slogans." I said, pathetically. " Please, please I'm begging you!!!!! Just tell me where she went!!!! It's really important *sob*!"

" She went outside to get picked up by her mother. If I find out that you have done ANYTHING to darling Kimberly, You won't hear the last of it!" Mrs. Crider sighed.

" THANKYOU!!!!!!!!!!" I yelled as ran of to the front of Happy Pine Elementary / middle school. I searched around for the blonde, poufy haired, prep, Kimberly Nicole. I didn't see her.

She must have left already. Kim probably wouldn't tell on me, but then again, she might. I got on my bike and began to ride home. I turned onto Chessy St., the nicest street in town. Both Kimberly Nicole and Michelle Kidfull lived there. I drove down the perfectly manicured lawns down to the very end of Chessy Street. There was a cluster of messy bushes that looked unusual compared to the perfectly trimmed bushes that lined all the perfect lawns. I drove into the center of them onto a little strait path. I rode for about a quarter of a mile until I came to a board with the following words printed on it in messy red paint.

WelcoM 2 thorN lain Introoderz well b shooted

Just when I was about to ride on, I felt something cold and round on the back of my head. I heard a trigger cock

" state your name and business and lees you'de want ta be shooted right done here," said a hill billyish voice

" Harley, it's just me, Jen. I've only know you for about 12 years, I live here," I said slowly, so that he wouldn't miss a vowel.

" I was done just playing wich ya!" He said as he took the gun away from my head.

I got back on my bike and rode onto the street, if you could even call it that. It was the only dirt road left in the county. I drove to a house, which the blood red paint was pealing off, in large chunks. I set my bike on the porch, being sure to lock it in place, you could never be to careful on Thorn Lane. Well, it actually wasn't really Thorn Lane. Technically it was part of Chessy Street, but in reality it wasn't. As I started to open the puke green door of the peeling house it came off of its hinges, into my hands. I set it by, my bike, as I yelled, " Mom, the door fell off of its hinges again!" I ran into the kitchen and opened the Cabinet to see if there was anything to eat. I sighed, only some old Ramen noodles. I would have to go to the store tomorrow, after I sold a few more book reports. Maybe if they pay my dad overtime, at McDonald's we could actually eat a home cooked meal this Sunday. I know that my life seems pretty bad, but by thorn Lane standards my family was actually fairly well off. My dad actually had a job and my Mom didn't have a criminal record.
However, By Chessy Street standards we were as poor as dirt. As I
walked back towards my room, I couldn't help but notice that the puke
green wallpaper was peeling off of the wall near my room. If I got a
lot of profits this week, I might be able to buy some new wallpaper.
I walked up to my door. My room was the most high tech device within a
three-mile radius of the location. It had security systems on it that
only government building had on them.
Some say that I'm a little bit over paranoid, but if you and your
family is depending on you to bring in the next meal, then You were
pretty careful with the items that brought you this food. When I had
final gotten through all of the security features, the door slid open
with a whoosh. My room was,if I do say so my self, pretty cool. In one
corner I had waterproof fire proof cabinets that contained all of my
black-market dealings.
If anyone that mattered ever found that file cabinet, I would be
busted. In the other corner, stood my most valuable possession. My
little baby computer. My computer was my life. In the final corner
were my bed and my dresser, not that important. I went over to my
computer, so that I could print out more copies of the book report.
As I was waiting for the printer to process, I took off my Heart
shaped locket that I always wear around my neck. As far as I have
known, I've had the locket for my whole life. I have never been able
to get it open. I've always wondered what's inside. It seems like
there is something that I should know about the locket, but I can't
quite think of it.

" Printing complete," said the computer in a mechanical voice.

" Oh, Shut up!" I yelled at it. The printer responded by beeping in my face. I went over to it and removed the book reports from the little tray that is on the bottom of all printers. Then I went to bed. I always went to bed early so that I could get up early. 3:30 A.M. to be precise. All of the people that where afraid of getting caught went to the SGBM early in the morning. Thoughts of the new computer I was going to buy if I made enough profits this week, drifted into my head as I went to sleep.

When my alarm went off the next morning, I was already awake. I brushed my hair and teeth, packed up my Black Market supplies, and jumped on my bike to go to school. When I arrived at school, it was five o'clock in the morning. Little kids where outside the bathroom door, waiting for me to arrive. I took a sip of the cappuccino that I had made my self this morning before I began to set up my stuff in the bathroom, just as I was about to finish, a unlikely person burst into the room. I spit out my coffee in surprise.

" Jennifer Ronina Bretowski," Tina mills, the smartest girl in school, said in a cold tone as she went over to the soda bar, and sat down. Tina meant business, no one; I mean NO ONE knew my middle name. Only my mom and the health department. Tina must have done some serious research.

" Tina. Ann? .Miles," I said " Can of Root Beer," she said, as she slid over her two quarters. I went back to my mini fridge to get her root beer. " It's been awhile since I've seen you 'round these parts," I said, sarcastically.

" Jen, You know the reason I'm in this half rotted, can I even call it an establishment,' Tina said, in her sophisticated voice. I ignored her. " You have been selling a little women book report with MY name on it on your " black-market". I can get in trouble for cheating because my name was on an essay that I didn't even write!! You know that you are going to have a LOT of unhappy costumers when they find out I didn't really write that book report. ", She said, dropping the sophisticated voice. Whew I had only heard Tina talk the way that normal people did once before. No one had heard from " big Jimmy" since. Rumor had it that Tina was a black belt in karate. I had good reason to fear her.