Not all Pride is bad.
The feeling you get, when you know.
That someone is proud of you.
Of what you've done. of who you are.
It's a powerful feeling.

Or the pride you feel in yourself.
When you do somthing right, first time.
Or you do the best, better than ever.
Even if you don't win,
you've done your best. So your proud.

It's what's before that gets you.
The fear. The doubt.
Can I do this?
Will I mess up? How can I not?
Am I the man for this job?

And then it hits you.
How many people are watching.
How many people are depending on you.
You feel them all around you, knowing
that if you fail, they'll be let down.

How do you do it?
You just go. You let it all go.
You go out and do your thing, and you
don't care about the results,
because you did your best.

Pride before the fall?
Not me. Each victory is proud moment,
and each failure a learning experience.
You just have to take it all in stride
The fall is only as bad as you make it.