"Mr. Shaw, can you come with me please?"

"Sure." Said a man in his late thirties. He stood out of the chair placed by his wife who was resting after childbirth. "What is it?"

Dr. Jones shut the door to the room turning to face Mr. Shaw,  " you are a very lucky man, your son was born with…"

"Daddy daddy is he out yet?? Is mommy not fat anymore??" Asked a little boy about five with light sandy brown hair as he jumped around his father trying for his attention.

"Adam can't you see Daddy is busy?"

"I'm sorry."

"Its alright." Mr. Shaw said bending down and scooping Adam into his arms.

"You were saying?" He asked turning back to the Doctor.

"Yes your son has The Mark."

"What?? Are you sure?" asked Mr. Shaw.

"Very, we have only had the privilege to have three Marks so far but I'm a positive that your son is one of the lucky few."

"Wow, can I see him Daddy?? Please!!"

"Of course. You are certain he is a Mark?"

"As certain as one can ever be, He is Mr. Shaw. Now I would suggest you find a way to tell your wife. I shall have the staff bring him in to you shortly."

"A Mark Daddy, is he really a real live Mark?"

"Yes Adam, now clam down, we don't want your mother to over do it, Come in." Mr. Shaw said opening the door for him.

My baby brother a Mark. Who ever would have thought it? I certainly wouldn't have. You see Marks are very rare. They came for a time long ago when a very evil woman named Amy ruled the world. She convinced the world that she was the perfect person and infected a lot of the normal population into believing in her methods. But the Mark came along.

The strongest being, a Man not afraid to stand up to Queen Amy.

It turned out that he had been for years been plotting to overthrow the cruel dictator. When his forces won the terrible battle that ensued he became ruler in her place. His time was of peace and reconstruction as Amy had mass geniis, and went on killing sprees every few years to keep the people in fear.

When Mark finally died the world was not sure how to run, who could ever fill The Marks shoes??

That's when it happened the man who took over was found to have many of the same patterns and mannerisms as the old Mark. He was taken for examination and found to have a very detailed yet if not looked at carefully insignificant looking mark on the back of his right shoulder. 

The same place and shape as the old ruler.

From that time on the children born were the most propionate in the world. There were the rulers of the smaller countries while the strongest Mark of the time ruled all of the other lesser Marks.

If you got to be friends with a Mark, or related it was one of the biggest honors the world has know. Well, to everyone but the woman who brought these blessed men to us, of course I'm talking about Amy.


The little girl watched form the hall, and slipped away unnoticed. Now there was eighty-nine alive. One more to find. She went to the room and looked at the newest baby file. Glancing down at it, Nothing different. It would in be the last.