Beauty Within

Bringing my marble shaded eyes to the mirror,
A reflection that only brings back the truth.
The mirror that portrays the verity to the eye,
Ugliness cascades through my face of fear.
Somehow when I look again, the truth is concealed,
And latched into a dark end of my heart.
I feel as through contortion paints my whole face,
Cannot apprehend a beauty that grows in my inferior.
Taking a look more immense and see multi colored eyes,
Truth hidden behind the motley swirls of colors.
A womanhood that has not fully developed in me,
But inside contains many years of calamities.
Missing the sensation to be able to smile,
And remembering what beauty could feel like.
I take one last glance in the mirror,
And open my heart for future possibilities.
Beauty exists in the shell of my frame,
And the opening of my gleaming marble eyes.