music is like a drug.
better than any that I've tried.
music is the background to my laughter.
music's been playing while I've cried.

there's a song for every emotion.
a song for every friend, every memory,
almost every song I hear,
means something to me.

the one that means most of all,
that's always playing in my head,
the song from the day in last September.
when we were laying on my bed.

the most perfect few hours of my life.
I still get chills up and down my spine.
remembering how you kissed me.
and held me when you were mine.

when I hear that song now,
my hearts begins to ache.
thinking of the pain you caused me.
and how much of my life you still take.

I'd do anything to forget you.
to make these memories disappear.
but I know I'll never be happy.
until I have you here.