This was a dream Ive been having for some time. Odd, I know, but hey, what can you do? Cant control dreams!!

Chapter one: The Rescue

Keanorin was walking through village square. She was hungry and wanted meat. Shed not had any for several days. She tugged the reins on her horse to make him follow closer. He tended to stray. She had not been to this village yet. She was a wonder, and enjoyed looking at the different towns and villages. She had met a wizard in the past village and he had given her Litran, the brown stallion that walked beside her. She smiled at an old man who had given her a nod. There was a commotion coming from the center of the town. She walked in that direction, hearing screaming and yelling, laughing even. She came up behind a woman, making sure to hide herself in the crow the best she cold with Litran. She glanced forward. There was a wooden platform in the center of the crown. On it were gallows. She shuttered. Standing on the platform was an Elven boy, with two men at his sides. Another man stood reading out something on a scroll. She leaned closer to hear what the elf was being accused of. The poor boy, she thought. Well, perhaps a man, even, she corrected herself. The elf was in chains, so many it made her heart ache for him. He wore an iron collar that was connected to a band at his waist, and his hands were chained to it as well. His feet were chained together and he had an extension of chain leading from the collar. He was gagged, and his eyes were wet with tears and sweat. She could tell he had been severely beaten. Her heart went out to him. She knew he had probably done nothing to deserve such treatment. Suddenly, she recognized him. It was the same elf who had saved her life back at the other village. He had been with his master, or owner, and two men had attacked her. He had killed one of them in order to save her. She tied Litran to the fence nearby and made her way to the front of the crowd. She couldn't hear very well at the back. She shoved a woman aside, who elbowed her. She ignored her. She leaned close in order to hear what was said.
The man reading the boys sentence was big, burly. He had a rough voice with an accent she couldn't identify. Probably Roman, she decided. She could tell he was being sentenced to death for killing the man who had attacked her. She grew angry at this. Another part of his sentence was for trying to run away. Apparently there would be no freedom what so ever for slaves in this country. She grew steadily angrier as he continued. He had been accused of stealing, which, she had been there for that to. He had merely wanted food, and the master wasn't going to give it to him. She made herself wait until his sentence was finished. The collar was taken off and the rope put on. The elf closed his eyes, she could see tears running down his cheeks. She had had enough. She pushed through the rest of the crowd till she was in front of the Gallows.

"I will not stand for this, sir!" She cried out, angrily. "I was there for past of what you read out, and the boy has done NOTHING wrong. I demand you release him!!" She glanced at the elf, whose eyes had opened in shock that someone would stand up for him.

The man stared down at her and laughed. "It doesn't matter what you demand, little miss. Its his masters demands that make the difference here, not yours!!" He glared at her. "What be your name, one with such a sharp tongue?"

"My name be Keanorin, sir." She curtsied with a smirk on her face. " If his masters demands make the difference, I wish to speak with him!" She glanced back at the crowd. She had heard a murmur and noise. Three men were no longer there. She turned back to the man.

"It wont do you no good." The man said, laughing. "Your friend here will be dead by the time you get done talking." He slapped the elf on the back. Pain showed in his eyes and he gave a small groan.

Keanorin grumbled slightly. "Then let me take the elf to his master and debate his freedom." She stared icily at the man. "Do not make me cause a scene, sir. I wish the elf to go free."

He drew his sword. "Im afraid I cant do that, miss." He stepped off the gallows platform. He held her at sword point. "We'll end this hear, now." He turned to the crowd. "There be two deaths today!!" He gave a cry and the crowd cheered. She felt sick. She drew the sword at her waist and lept to the platform. She took the rope around the boys neck off and shoved him to the floor, shouting "Run!"

The chaos began. Keanorin saw the elf make for the bushes. She hoped he had made it. Out of the crowd came the three missing men. One sliced the leg of the man who had read the elfs sentence. The other two were on horseback. She dodged arrows and made her way to her horse. Untying him quickly, one of the men came up to her.

"Lady!" he called. He dodged an arrow and killed a man coming towards them. "We be friends of yours! Find the elf, meet us under the bridge of the Kinta river!" He shot a man who was about to jump her.

She glanced at him. "How can I trust you!" She began to move towards the bushes where the elf had run to. He yanked the necklace he had off his neck and gave it to her. "It belonged to my brother." He said softly. "I swear on his grave, no harm shall come to you, or the elf." He stared at her.

Keanorin nodded. "I will meet you there!!" She gave a cry and urged her horse onward. She jumped the brush the elf had ran through. She saw him, leaning against a tree, trying to run when he had the strength. She felt sick, seeing how much pain he was in. She made Litran move in front of him, so he had no where to run to. The elf tried to run, but she cut him off. He fell to his knees in front of Litran and began to cry. She dismounted.

He did not look at her. She put a hand on his shoulder, urging him to rise. He was shaking badly. He refused to look at her, saying something in elvish she did not understand. She put a hand on his cheek and drew his face forward. Fear was in his eyes, and pain. She wiped the tears off his cheeks with her sleeve and drew him to her. She held him as he sobbed, not knowing what else to do. He held out one of his chained hands. She took it, and gasped. It was bleeding, he had many cuts on both hands. She took off her back pack and found the extra shirt she had found. She tore off strips of cloth and tied it around his hand. He bowed his head and said something she did not understand. A cannon shot sounded not far from them. She put her arms around his waist and helped him stand. She faced him.

"Can you understand me?" she said softly, touching his face to show she meant no harm. "Im your friend, and Im here to help you." The elf just looked at her, helplessly trying to understand her words. He said something and touched her face, and suddenly drew her to him. They stood, holding each other for a few minutes before they heard another shot. She drew away, holding him upright as he tilted. She helped him to Litrans side, and he pulled at her sleeve. She glanced at him. He pointed to his ankles. She leaned against her horse. She had forgotten. He could not ride with them chained together. This would slow them down immensely. He tugged at her sleeve again. He made a motion with his hands saying that he could still run. She nodded, and together they began to run. It was not as fast as she had wanted, but still, he was going to be free soon. She had to keep that in mind.

They ran for what seemed like hours. It was a way back to the bridge. She was backtracking, she had just left this village. She cursed silently. It was alright, she was in no hurry, she supposed. She saw the bridge at a distance. The elf tripped suddenly and went sprawling. He tried to get up, but struggled. She knelt down and helped him stand, letting him lean against her. The could walk from where they were. She made hand motions the best she could, trying to explain the situation. He nodded, to the best of his understanding. She put an arm around him and helped him the rest of the way. He was limping badly. Keanorin hoped she had not pressed him too hard. They reached the bridge and both collapsed under an awning. The other men were not there yet. She would not worry, not yet, she decided. The elf laid down, breathing hard. She let Litran graze for a while. She took what food she had left out of her pack. She gathered wood, and built a small fire. She glanced at the elf. He was laying on the ground with his hands covering his face, shaking. She walked over and sat down next to him, touching him gently. He looked at her, trying his best not to cry as he gave a small smile. She pointed to herself.

"My name is Keanorin" She said softly. She repeated it and placed his hand on her shoulder. "Keanorin." She smiled at him. He leaned on his elbows, trying to recover from the run. He sat with her help. She touched his shoulder. "What's your name?" She said her name again. "Keanorin," she touched her face. She touched his. "You? Who are you?" She tried to communicate the only way she knew how.

The elf took her hands in his chained ones. He put them to his face as he said something in elvish. She shook her head, desperately trying to understand. He touched her shoulder and then her face, saying her name in a shaking voice that was not quite sure if he got it right. She nodded encouraginly. "Yes, that's right. "She said, eager. She tried to repeat what he had said. "Le.. Learon?" She said, struggling with the fast pronunciation. He grew excited, though he shook his head and repeated what he had said.

"Len re Lenorin. Ru ew gruin." He said, as slowly as he could mange. He held her hands, trying to show his excitement. She had almost gotten it right.

She tried again. "Lenorin? Is that your name?" She asked. He laughed merrily, and gave her a huge hug. "Lenorin?" He nodded, laughing harder. H put a hand on her knee.

"Len re Keanorin," he said softly, touching her shoulder. " Len re Lenorin." He touched his face, smiling. She laughed with him, relieved at having some form of communication, however rough. She pulled out a map from her bag. She placed a hand on the village of Kunra, where she was from.

"Keanorin from here." She said, placing his hand on hers. She lifted his over the map. "Where Lenorin from?" She placed his hands on Triba. He shook his head, and looked at her inquisitively. She sighed. He did not understand. Oh well, it would wait for another night. She put the map away and gave him a loaf of bread and some apples from her sack. They ate together in silence. Suddenly, Lenorin stood and drew her sword, which was laying on the ground next to him. He drew her behind him. She glanced over his shoulder. The three men from the village were coming on horses. She placed a hand on his shoulder, easing him back down to the ground. She took her sword and walked out to meet them.

The men dismounted. The one who had given her the necklace approached first. She gave it back to him, with an air of caution on her face.

"You three are late." She said coily. "We've been waiting here for a while."