Keanorin glanced at Ithan as he came up on deck. She drew Lenorins cloak closer around her, feeling the breeez brush across her face. The air smelled strongly of salt, and seaweed. Ithan stood beside her, glancing upwards.

"The stars are bright tonight." He said gently. He stared at them, searching for the Delpha constalation. He found it, and pointed it out to Keanorin.

"There, to the north." He said softly. He pointed with his finger at a group of 20 stars. Keanorin glanced up at them, barely noticing the dolphin shape they created.

"How quaint." She replied curtly. She glanced down at the waves, now rolling steadily. They had been choppy earlier. She wondered what had caused the sudden change in tide. She closed her eyes lightly, breathing in deeply. She felt her skin begin to tingle slightly, feeling the air around them change. Ithan gave a slightly irated chuckle.

"Once we reach the shore, what is it you plan on doing, exactly?" Ithan asked, leaning against the railing. He gave a slightly high pitched whistle, and it echoed out into the blue void. Responses came back in floods through Keanorins mind.

Greetings and happy chirps came into Keanorins mind so strongly that she rubbed her temple, trying to block them out. She couldn't tell which direction they were coming from, all she knew was that almost all of the sea life in that area new that Ithan was aboard that ship. She glanced at him.

"How did you do that?" She sent back greetings, even though she was not Ithan. Dolphins and whales suddenly breached the surface, clammering on about something. Something had excited them. Ithan grinned. He whistled again, and again the creatures responded. Suddenly, the dolphins gave a slightly frightened chirp, and dissappeared. The larger whales stayed. Keanorin glanced at him, and then back out into the ocean. The water stirred and whirled in an odd pattern. Something was coming up from below the depths.

Saebian awoke in the middle of the night. His pillow wet and stained from tears. His stomach was growling. He sighed and rubbed his eyes. He swallowed hard, wondering wehre his mother was. He sat up and rubbed his arms. How much he despised it here, it was always so cold, and dark. Saebian walked over to where his wardrobe was. He pulled out his cloak and wrapped it around his shoulders, slowly opening the thick oak door. He peered around it, glancing down the dark hallway. He didn't want to have to deal with anyone right now. He wiped his eyes, making sure that no one could tell he had been crying. Quietly, he made his way down the halls, looking for Janarah or Lenorin. He wanted to find out if what his mother had told him was true or not. Saebian sniffed a little. Someone was cooking. His stomach growled, but he ignored his hunger. He heard loud noises coming from the dinning area, where Shadows men normally ate dinner. They were exceptionally loud tonight, and roudy. Saebian guessed drunk as well.

He was trying to figure out where his mother was so he wouldn't run into her. He was decideding which way to go when his friend, Jerick, stoped him.

"Saebian!" He slurred. Saebian gave an inword groan. Jerick was also very much drunk. Jerick had a mug in his hand, overflowing with amber liquid. Jerick grinned, slapping Saebian on the back. "Hey, guess what. Shadows about to get Janarah from your mom." He swayed a little and took a long drink. Saebian felt slightly ill. He forced a grin.

"Oh really?" He forced a laugh. "I guess we have to make the poor bastard get what he deserves for being elven. Hes such an ungreatful brat, isnt he?" Jerick nodded in drunken agreement.

"Shadow wants ye." Jerick said, putting his arm around Saebians shoulders. He started moving towards the dinning room and Saebian went, though he didn't want to. Jerick was talking to him about some raid that he and the other boys had been on, and about some girl he had spent the night with. It went in one ear and out the other as they walked in, and everyone gave a roar as they entered, Jerick rasing his mug in toast.

"Saebians ere', lads! Let the fun begin!" Everyone laughed loudly and went back to eating, each giving Saebian a hello or pat on the back as he passed. Numbly Saebian went to where Shadow was sitting. He had some woman on his knee, laughing, teasing her. Saebian felt the pit of his stomach churn. Shadow motioned for the woman to ge tup and she did, wrapping her arms around Shadows waist, looking at Saebian with batting eyelashes.

"Saebian, lad!" Shadow gave a loud laugh. "Its about time you're here! Been wondering about ya!" Shadow handed him a mug, which he took, and drank deeply from. Shadow grined, drawing the woman at his side closer. Saebian, this here be Janet. She'll be stayin here for a day or so." Janet delicatly held out her hand, which Saebian took.

"My lady," He bowed his head, taking his hand in hers. She was certainly beautiful. If he werent so digsuted with his life he might have enjoyed taking her to bed. But not at that moment. That, and he doubted Shadow would share. She grinned.

"Well, well. I finally get to meet you." She sauntered up to him, placing a hand on his face, staring deep into his eyes. Saebian found himself lost in those eyes. They were a deep chocolate brown that loured him in. He shook his head slightly. "Shadow talks of nothing else." Saebian glanced at Shadow, who glared at him in silent warning.

"Yes." Saebian said, smiling, "Shadow is like a father to me. He was kind enough to take us in when my real father left us with nothing." He made sure his words sounded bitter. Shadow nodded over Janets head in approvel.

"When ye have time, Saebian, show Janet the grounds. She loves horses. Make sure to take her on a ride." Janet turned excitedly towards Shadow.

"Really darling?" She asked, with what Saebian thought a fake giddiness. "Oh how exciting!" Saebian wanted to roll his eyes but fought to keep a straight face.

"Yes sir." He replied grimly. "I heard you wanted me, father?" He tried not to show his disgust.

"Ah yes, go get the elvish rat and bring him here. Hes got chores to do." He took another drink and smiled at Janet. "And then take Janet for a ride."

Saebian bowed. "As you wish." He gave a half bow in Janets direction and left. He passed by some of the guards as he went off into the corridors again. "Wheres the rat?" He asked roughly.

One of them grinned, punching the other in the shoulder. " Hes with your mum in the bedroom." He gave a cruel laugh. "Doubt he'll be of much use after she gets through with him. Your mum has a time in bed. With any of us." He grinned and walked off, leaving Saebian to wonder.

Saebian went to his mothers room. He groaned inwordly and knocked. He heard his mother commanding orders, and he felt sick. He knocked loudly. He heard his mother gave a grunt of anger and she came to the door in her robe.

'Ah, my son." She grinned and kissed his forhead, as if nothing had happened. "What do you want?" She asked with an annoyed tone in her voice. He glanced around her shoulder, seeing Lenorin and Janarah chained to her bed. Janarah glanced at him, his eyes pleading.

"Shadow wants Janarah." He tried to sound as annoyed as possible. He saw the frightened look in Lenorins eyes. He saw him struggle. "And I'll take the other rat." His mother grinned, and invited him in. Saebian turned away as she untied Janarah and shoved him on the floor. He heard a thud as his father landed.

"Hurry up and get dressed." His mother snapped, hitting him with something. Saebian could only hear the slap of it against his fathers skin. Janarah gave a groan, trying to stand. His mother grew annoyed. "I'll let you deal with him." She hugged her son and left, holding her clothes in her hands. "Im going to find some ,… ammusement, to help pass the time." She sauntered out and left, leaving Saebian with his father and Lenorin.

Janarah lay on the floor, feeling humiliated and in pain. He tried to reach for his shirt and couldn't. Saebian shut the door, and Janarah glanced up at him, tired. Saebian closed his eyes and swallowed hard, feeling ill. He walked over and gently knelt down next to him. "Let me help you." He said softly. Janarah stared at him, surprised. Saebian handed Janarah his clothes, helping his father stand. Janarah leaned against the bed for support, feeling shaky.

"Thank you.." he said softly. He didn't understand the sudden act of kindness Saebian showed him. Normally he was the one joining in on hitting him. He glanced at Lenorin. "Please… don't let her touch him…." He looked at Saebian, pleading.

"He'll be with me." Saebian said as assuring as he could, knowing that it wasn't very assuring, considering he always hit him. Janarah nodded weekly.

Janarah was confused. He didn't question it, he merely tried to stand. He fell twice before Saebian helped him to his feet, and Janarah tried not to stare in innocent wonder. Lenorin was confused. His arms ached he longed to stretch them.

"What do you think is going on?" Lenorin thought to his friend gently. He watched as Saebian helped Janarah get dressed. Janarah held his hands out when he was finshed. Saebian glanced at him, confused.

"Im not sure.." Janarah replied meekly. "Im just as confused as you." Janarah bowed his head, waiting for the chains to be put back on his wrists. Saebian understood after a minute, and put the iron bands on his fatherrs wrists and ankles, feeling an extreme amouint of guilt.

"Forgive me, father." He thought to himself. "Forgive me for what I've done.." He gave a slight sigh and glanced at the Ire'Sre that was on the floor. Janarah closed his eyes and swallowed hard. His sides ached, and he longed for a break from the hideous thing. Saebian decied to leave it where it was. "I'll be back for you." He said in a meanacing tone to Lenorin. Lenorin merely glared back at him.

Saebian helped his father through the dark tunnels back to Shadows main room. Janarah feel three times. On the third time he almost cried. He laid on the floor for a few minutes, trying to gather some of his dignity back. He couldn't do it. He gave a desperate, small cry. Saebian knelt down next to him, putting an armaround his waist, trying not to say anything. He felt a lump in his throat and he forced back tears. Janarah looked at him, puzzled.

"Why are you being so kind to me?" He said softly, trying to stand. "Of all Shadows men you've depsised me with the utmost intensity that I will never fully understand." Janarah sighed weakly. Saebian turned away, wiping a stray tear from his face.

"Don't read too much into this elf." He tried to sound harsh and couldn't. He felt his heart break in two as he realized how much he missed his father. And what he had done to him in the past made him ill. He heaved Janarah to his feet, letting him lean against him for a minute.

"Please.." Janarah said softly. "Don't let them hurt me…I can barely stand I…." Janarah's shoulders droped and he felt powerless. Saebian swallowed hard.

"I cant protect you." He said gently. "I don't know of anyone who can." He held him against him for a moment, hoping his fahter might find some comfort. Janarah sighed with dispair.

"Kill me.."He put a hand on Saebians face. "Please. Here, now. Strangle me, do something." He pleaded for relase of his pain. Saebian held him tightly.

"Forgive me." He whispered.s threatening to consume him. "Forgive me, I can not." His mannor changed in an instant. Three more men walked around the corner. He shoved Janarah against the wall, hard. "Don't talk like that to me, you insolent little fool!" He hissed. Janarah leaned his head back and closed his eyes. He would never escape this. He ghasped as Saebian shoved him to the ground, urging him forward.

With an effort, Janarah made it to Shadows main quarters. Saebian put on the face he had been brought up to wear. He shoved Janarah inside. "Here's the rat, My lord." Janarah gave a cry as he was thrown before Shadows feet.

Keanorin turned and glared at Ithan. "What in Fra's name did you do?" she exclaimed. The ship began to rock violently and the water beneath them churned and began to turn colors. She gave a small cry, feeling sick to her stomach. Ithan raised his staff, chanting loudly. Still the water stirred, swirlling in powerful fast circles. A loud noise brought the rest up from below decks, clinging to whatever they could find.

Keanorin stared in amazement as Dragophin slowly raised its head from beneath the water. Its huge golden eyes with a tint of green stared at her. Keanorins mouth droped. Dragophins were rare creatures that were said to have died out ages ago. It had a small, dragon shaped head with long lean ears. Its body was snake like and had silver scales going down the side. It hissed at her, smoke cming from its nostrils.

"Who disturbs my seas?" It asked in an annoyed tone. It tilted its head at odd angles, looking at all of the passengers. "You should not toy with what you do not fully understand." His eyes gleamed, staring at them.

Ithan was dumbfounded. He shoved Keanorin behind him, coughing.

"Forgive my stupidity. I thought I was calling a pod of whales that I have befriended over my years of travel. I, by no means, meant to disturb your slumber, or um, whatever it was you were doing."

The creature glared at Ithan. "Ah, Ithan. It figures." He gave a snort. Ithans eyes narrowed and he folded his arms. He hadnt expect this.

"Do not trust this man, young lady." It said, its voice spoken through hisses and rhasps. "He is a fool to be tossed over board." Its tounge ran along its lips. "My children are hungry, and could use a meal."

Ithan rolled his eyes. "Whatever pleases you, Dragophin. But I insist that these passengers get to where they are going, BEFORE you eat me." Something sparked in his mind. This was a sea dragon. Technically, the KythiaRoqui could command it. Without being bonded with the Triaga. Time to test his skills. As well as Keanorins.

"Ah, Dragophin, forgive my poor manners." He made a sweeping movement with his arm. "The fair lady here is Keanorin. Our captain be Talara," He motioned with his hand. Talara gave a slight bow, wet, and confused from the waves the dragophin had caused. "Bow before the Kythia Roqui, Dragon. Show some respect." Ithan waited, watching the dragons eyes.

"If I recall correctly, "wizard"," The dragophin spat back. "You are no longer the Kythia-roqui. You're a travling wizard. And a bad one at that." A small shot of flame came at Ithan, who twisted his hand, sending a ball of ice, freezing the flame. It droped into the sea, making a hissing sound.

"Aye, that's right." Ithan grined slyly. "But Keanorin is now Kythia Roqui. And seeing as I am her Master Wizard, I order you to show her the respect she deserves, bow before her, dragon."

Keanorin glared at Ithan. "When this is over, you and I really MUST work on our communication!" She rolled her eyes. The dragophins head came within inches of hers. It satred at her. She froze. She felt an odd sense of power run through her,a strange tingling sensation. Like when she had first picked up her sword. Automatically, she reached for it. It wasn't there. She tried not to panic.

"So. You're the one that my ancestors have chosen." The dragophin said. He glanced at her necklace. "I havent seen that in years." Keanorins hand reached for the pendant around her neck. Feeling the cold steel grow warm in her hands. She let it fall back agianst her neck. It hung right below the pendant drake had given her when she had first met Lenorin. Lenorin. She closed her eyes, feeling a knot in her throat. She fought it back.

"So comes the test that you must pass." It said quietly. Keanorins eyes snapped open. She turned and glraed at Ithan and the others, who stared silently.

"Test?" She demanded. "What test? I barely know anything about my status. How can you test me on what I do not know?" She turned and gave Ithan a well deserved smack. "How dare you not tell me of such things!" She glared at him, wanting with a great desire to kill him.

"I resent that." Ithan replied, growing steadliy more angry. "You never asked! In time you would find out. Being your wizard doesn't mean I teach you EVERYTHING. Sometimes you must find out for yourself how far your powers reach. How far they extend. And besides, I wasn't aware youd face a dragophin. Ive only heard of them in fairy tails. I didn't think they existed."

The dragophin laughed. It seemed to be enjoying itself. It settled down lower in the water. It whispered something, making the water grow calm. It was earily silent. It stared at Keanorin.

"It is time to test your powers child." It said gently. "Ithan is right, for once. You can not learn everything just through him. You must discover on your on what you can and can not do. Now is one of those times. A Kythia-Roqui must earn her respect, as we all must. As that I am a dragon, I must obey you. However, in order to earn my respect, you must do something for me." It rose up out of the water at its full height. "Are you prepared to do whatever it is I will ask you to do?" Its eyes had softend some. "You may decline if you wish. But sooner or later, you will be asked again. Choose wisely."

Lenorin groaned. He was still tied to Allisas bed. He struggled, trying to break free of his bonds. He froze as Saebian came back in. He slammed the door behind him. Lenorin stared at him as he sank to the floor. He knelt and put his head on his knees. Lenorin wondered what had happened to Janarah. Saebian tried to clear his head. He felt sick, and betrayed. He sighed and looked up at Lenorin, not sure what to do with him. He had promised his fahter he would spare Lenorin as little pain as possible. For as long as shadow would let him. He got up and knelt next to him, untying his feet. Lenorin tried to speak, forgetting the gag in his mouth. Saebian untied it and threw it aside, trying not to face him.

"Why do you hate us so much?" Lenorin asked gently. For some reason he felt sadness and sympathy for the boy. "Why do you stay here, when you could easily be free of this place?"

Saebian paused, trying to untie the knot that held Lenorins hands to the post. "I no longer hate.." He said, swallowing hard He glanced at Lenorin. "I am half elven. This I have known for some time. Even though no one has ever told me the truth of where my father really is, I have despised elves ever sense I figured out on my own I was elven. He sighed, trying not to cry. Lenorins hands finally fell free. Lenorin gave a small groan and he lowered his arms, rubbing his wrists. Saebian sat next to him, trying to figure out where to go with him.

"It makes me angry." He swallowed, running a hand through his hair. "I despise this place. And the man whose in charge. I would kill him, save for the fact I would be dead as soon as I did so. " Lenorin stared at him. Saebian nodded."Aye, I hate the man. I have no where to go. The only family I have ever known, is here." He felt anger rise in him. A sudden urge to smack Lenorin came through him. He rasied his hand, angrily, suddenly pinning Lenorin back. Lenorins eyes grew wide and then shut, terrified. He curled up in a ball as best he could.

"Please"! Lenroin started to tremble. "Please…forgive me… I only wondered.. I.." He shut up. Saebian turned and slammed his fist against the wall. He held Lenorin tightly.

"No. Forgive me." Saebian could no longer fight back tears. He cried. Lenorin stared at him, wondering what he should or shouldn't do. Sympathy took over and he cautiously put a hand on Saebians shoulder.

"Wherever your father is, I am sure that he loves you." He said gently. Saebian glanced at him, shaking his head, wiping his eyes. Lenorin nodded. "Maybe he had to go somewhere and got lost. " He knew this would not do as an answer, but he didn't know what else to say.

"Sure." Saebian sighed. "And he went off on some grand adventure, promising hed ome back for me, and instead he leaves me in this bloody place. With a whore of a mother who doesn't give a rats ass about me." He sighed again, standing, pulling Lenorin to his feet. Lenorin almost fell, but Saebian cought him. He suddenly pinned him agianst the wall, and Lenorin gave a small cry. "You speak of this to NO one. " Saebian glared at him, realizing that if the elf spoke,they would both be in trouble. "Do you understand me?" He glared at him.

Lenorin nodded, confused and tired. "Yes master." He said softly, his eyes merely staring at Saebians. He was beginning to realize what Saebians grudge was against them. Even though as cruel as he had been and as cruel as he could be, Saebian only wanted a father. He felt guilt inside. Out of the three of them, all had something in common. They were all miserable. And out of the three of them, he was the only one who had grown up with a father. He was beginning to realize how much the both must envy him.

"Saebian," He swallowed, his throat was dry, and it was hard to talk." If this ever ends, I wanted to tell you, I, wait, please!" He was shoved forward. Saebian gave a small grunt.

"Forgive me." He said gently. "I can no longer speak to you in this manner. Only know that I regret what I have done. And more then likely what I will be forced to do."

"Saebian!" Lenorin stood, grabbing Saebians arm. Saebian was surprised he had enough strenght to stand on his own. "LISTEN to me!" he felt a surge of power rush throguh him, and it died. He leaned against him, pain running through him. "If this is ever over, and I am free, and you are still alive….." Saebian cut him off.

"No, Lenorin." He said grufly. Lenorin tried to speak again and Saebian hit him. Lenorin groaned, staring at him sadly. Saebian went and pickedup the Ire'Sre that had been around his fathers waist. He held it in front of Lenorin. Lenorins eyes grew wide.

"I don't want to have to put this on you." He said, shaking. "I despise this. Ive had it on only once. I would never wish this on anyone. Including both of you." He swallowed. He threw it on the floor, going to the bed, he picked up some of the chain his mother had used earlier. He tied Lenorins hands together. "Behave, rat." He said softly. "I promised Janarah I would watch out for you as best I could today. But if you slip up, when you arent with me, it is no fault of mine. I can not control what happens if you arent in my care." He shoved Lenorin forward. "Do you understand me."

Lenorin bowed his head. "Yes, master." He spoke, timidly,knowing he would get hit for it, but he chose to anyway. "Rather you listen to me or not, Saebian, if we are ever both free from here, I wanted you to knopw I forgive you for this. I.." He fell to the floor when Saebians shoulder slammed into his stomach. He lay on the floor, tears in his eyes. Saeian gave a cry of aggrivation.

"Do you not understand!" he said, feeling helpless. "You are nothing like me! You can never give me the life I have so longed for!" He kicked Lenorin, hard. Lenorin cried. Saebian was furious and he picked up the gag off the floor, holding it tightly in Lenorins mouth, he yanked it back, so that Lenorins eyes were facing him. "Maybe it was a mistake in trusting you." Saebian glared at him, tying the cloth tightly behind his head. He felt his old, angry self returning. He drew Lenorin up by the rope that was holding his hands. Lenorins eyes grew wide.

"You toy with me no longer, rat." Saebian said coldly. "I will keep my promise to Janarah. But you will be out of my way!!" Saebian shoved him down the hall, ignroing the jests that the other men said, to a room that was small, dark, and often forgotten about. Lenorins fear level rose.

"Please, forgive me!" Lenorin tried hard to stay focused and found it a loosing battle.He tried to flee, and was shoved inside. He made a dart for the door, but Saebian slamed him against the wall. Pain flooded through him, feeling his back tingle. Lenorin cowered on the floor, panicking. Saebai took his arms and chained them above his head, ignoring his please. He gagged him again, slapping him hard. "I'll be back in a few hours. Don't move, don't make noise. If any one finds out your in here it'll be your own damn fault, not mine. Lenorin gave a muffled cry, trying to free his hands. Saebian stood, glaring at him. "You'll never learn, will you." He smirked slightly. He turned and left, slamming the door behind him.

Lenorin gave another muffled cry. He twisted and turned, trying to break free. Tears poured down his face. He bowed his head, defeated. He wondered what was happening to Janarah, and if Saebian would really come back or leave him there. He was cold, hungry, and in pain. He closed his eyes, trying to calmdown. His thoughts wondered to Keanorin. He gave a sigh. "Please, help me…anyone….father.." He thought quietly in his head. Lenorin still wasn't sure what was going on. The connection that randomly occurred was in short sperts. And he didn't full understand them. Before he met Keanorin he was unaware of such talents. He thought back to home and his father. He wondered if his father even knew he had gone missing again. He leaned his head back and contiued crying. He prayed that Janarah would be aright. Slowly he drifted into a light sleep. Dreaming of his father, and home.

Vadal awoke a few hours later. He hadnt realized he had fallen asleep.

Vadal watched as his soldiers trained his new friends. In his mind he was plotting and planning. It would be time to leave tomorrow night. He wouldn't wait any longer. Drakes wound was healed nicely, and he was practicing with one of Vadals swordsman. He leaned against the balcony. He rubbed his eyes. He hadnt slept much that night. Dreams of loosing his son had flooded through Vadals mind. He lightly closed his eyes. He had thought he had heard Lenorins voice earlier. He had run out of his room, excited, hoping that by some slight chance that it might be his son. Vadal had been dissapointed. He picked up a silver mug from the table, drinking deeply. He felt the cold juice run down his throat, tasting the citrus and berry flavor. He wondered if his son had eaten, if he were still alive. He left the balcony, wanting to see how things were coming with the preparations to leave.

Aardan met him in the hall, and bowed. "Forgive my lateness my Lord." He seemed rushed, out of breath. "I was trying to make sure that.."

Vadal waved it aside. "No matter." He replied gently. "Where exactly do we stand now."

Aardan swallowed, trying to catch his breath. "The stable boys are getting as many horses as they can. We're having to brin in extra blacksmiths, sir, I have news, the King from Kalhara.."

"Vadal!!" A tall man swept into the hall, cutting poor Aardan off. Vadal was surprised, and happy, to see his friend again. "Vadal! Why didn't you send word? I would have sent my army out ahead of yours." He claped Aardan on the back. "You have a fine soldier here."

Vadal glanced at Aardan, whose face turned red. "Forgive me, your majesty. I know I should have asked for permission. Forgive my ignorance, but my lord, our army will not last long. We needed the extra men. Kalhara volunteered. I sent out a scout to find willing armies. They are strong willed men, and expert fighters in their class."

Vadal gave a slight smile. "We will discuss permission issues later, Vadal. Thank you." Aardan nodded, bowing, hoping he would not be de-ranked.

"The blacksmiths are makingmore swords. The horses are being perpared. The kitchen is in overdrive trying to prepare us with what we'll need." He coughed, slightly. "Sir..we may need a healer.." He grew quiet, knowing that it was a hard subject. He new how worried everyone was for Lenorins safety. "Ive heard of a healer, sir. His name is Drumpuert. Drake said that he healed Lenorin before. Drake knows where he lives." He paused, waiting for an interuption. There was none. " Shall I send someone for him, sire?"

Vadal's mind raced. Kalharas army was a large one. Man fighting alongside elves was not so uncommon. But Kalhara was the oldest kingdom that was known. Rujen was the fifth king to rule. Rujen and Vadal had been friends for years, sense Rujen took the thrown. Vadal nodded at Aardan.

"Send someone for this Drumpert. Tell him that I will take care off all expensese, and he will never have to worry about money again." Aardan nodded, bowed, and quickly left.

Vadal ran a hand through his hair, shaking his head. "Aardan is always on top of things." He sighed. "Thank you for coming. I had no idea how small my army was compared to Shadows." Rujen nodded, reaching out a hand. Vadal calsped it, shaking his hand.

"You know that my army is your army. I had no idea you hadnt found him yet. I had a runner sent out a few days ago to see how things were. He never returned and I have heard nothing. I assume he was cought." He bowed his head slightly. "No matter." He saw the look on Vadals face. "He died for a good cause." Vadal gave grim nod.

"My ships are ready at the harbor." Rujen continued. I have sent people out already to meet us where Shadows castle is. They will be there within the next day. We leave tomorrow, yes?"

Vadal nodded. "Aye." He said softly. "I would leave tonight. But Drake and the others need a brush up course on a few of the weapons we have.We would have no time for them to learn if they left now. What good is a weapon if you cant use it?"

Rujen nodded. "Probably a good idea." He stretched. "Vadal, thers something I think you should know. Ithan has recently been seen."

Vadal became instantly allert. "Ithan?" He stared at Rujen in disbelife. "I thought he had died."

"No." Rujen said quietly. "Rumor has it that a new Kythia-Roqui has been found. Rumors in the north speak of strange happenings with dragons. The forrest dragons have moved from the mountains to merge with the silver and black forrest dragons. Dragons are gathering together in various places." Vadal started walking out of the hall, motiong for Rujen to follow.

"Have they prepared for a battle?" he asked. "If they are preparing for battle, then the Triage has been formed. It is not so unusual that they would gather for the beginging of a new Kythia-Roqui. If they prepare for battle, then the lands must be prepared to face a new realm. If the Triaga is being formed," Vadal shook his head, trying to take it all in.

"No one is for certain." Rujen cleared his throat. "All that my soldiers know is what was told to them by villagers passing by my kingdom. The fact that Ithan has been seen worries me more then the news of the dragons beeing seen again."

Vadal nodded in agreement. They passed through the back doors of the castle and into the backyard coutyard. Every one stoped what they were doing, and bowed. Silence filled the air, all eyes on theirlord.

"Greetings, my sons and daughters." He cleared his throat, glancing at Rujen. "As you all know, Rujen is king from Kalhara. He is here to help us in our quest. He is to be treated with the same respect as you would show me. His army is here, willing to fight along side us. Show them what you know. Trade skills with blade,share stories. As of know we have a new band of brothers. Get to know them, protect one another. As the sun set tomoorow we move out. Be weary! Ithan has been spotted. Be on your guard. Make sure your weapons are sharp, and your minds clear headed. No drinking for any of you tonight. Practice is over. Get rest, pack, say good bye to your loved ones. Tomorrow night is the begging of war."

He felt a sense of relief as a flood of cheers rose from his soldiers. Everyone was eager and ready to leave. Eager to have their prince back and lives back to normal. Lenorin was well known umong them, and each was ready to fight for him. He saw a glint of honor in Drakes eyes. Drakes soldiers were there as well. Vadal felt the blood pulse through his veins. Hopefully, with Rujen and Drakes armies, it would be enough. Vadal raised a hand, asking for silence.

"Tonight we have a prayer feast. Each of you should remember that Lear is on our side. Hopefully he watches over my son. Tonight we feast and pray and become one with our Lords. Go now. Help Rujens men get setteld. I will see all of you tonight.": He watched as each man and elf droped to one knee and bowed.

"We gladly serve you, my lord." One of them said. "All hail King Vadal! May the lord of our past fathers bless us in this time of battle. Hail!"

A chours flooded after him, repeating the battle prayer. Vadal couldn't help but smile as he felt warmth and loayity flood through him.

"Bless you all, my children." He put a hand on Rujens shoulder. "Come. Time to discuss the minor details." The two walked off, leaving the army to follow orders.

Keanorin was starting to panic. She did her best to keep her focus. "I accept." She said in a shaking voice. "Though I warn you, dragon, if you play games with me, this will be the last time you breathe the air again." She stepped forward. "Tell me what it is that I must do."

The dragophin looked at her, halfway surprised. "Very well." It said quitely. "You must trust me, first and formost. If you don't listen to me, you will die. This test is not one of those, if you fail, you get killed, tests. It is a test of your powers. If you are the true person meant to be the Kythia Roqui. For millions of years Dragophins have tested the Kythia-Roquis. It is an honor to be the one to test you."

Keanorin nodded. "So what must I do? Im in a hurry. Let us get started." She was prepared to die. Even though she knew the dragophin probably spoke the truth, she was still prepared.

A circle opend up in the sea next to the dragophin. It swrilled open, and stayed open. "Jump into the circle, Kythia." Keanorin stared at him.

"You.. cant be seirous." She swallowed hard. "I'll die! I can not breathe underwater like dragopins!"

"If you are the true Kythia-Roqui, you must do this. If you don't , it will only be harder the longer you delay the test."

Keanorin groaned. She climbed the rails of the ship.She glanced at the rest, who were staring in amazement. "Be careful,Keanorin!" Grecks swallowed, hard. "If anything happens to her, Dragophin, your head will be on a platter."

Keanorin stood on the ships railing. Closing her eyes, she let her self fall. She could feel her self falling itno a deep abbys. She felt heat and cold flood through her. Pain, fear, loss, trust. Emotions swarmed through her brain. She felt a sense of numbness. She saw images of past Kythia Roquis flying past her in her head. She felt herself land, hard. She slowly opend her eyes, and ghasped in amazement. What she saw took her breath away. She stood, and prepared herself for the trial.