Another Flaw
Who cares what it's about?

I'm a victim of your plot
An example of what is cool---or likely what is not.
My plan had a syntax error
The product of my life lived in terror
There was a flaw, it was a bad idea
There was a flaw, only half of this was real.

Born is a brand new complication
Please just give me a chance so I can take it
Or I will gladly tear up the pictures and burn the proof
...Suddenly I feel I'd survive better if I hid the truth.

I cannot live if I carry the guilt
Of one of the people who messed up.
Though I gave you what you wanted, it was simply not enough.
You are secretly driving me psycho
Your plan's been working
I just know.
You knew all this would happen.

Under the definition of 'perfect'
There is a large picture of you
Standing with the race that has betrayed me.
And as hard as you have tried,
My situation goes undescribed.
I know we toy with the roles of good and evil all the time
Yet I assure you, you failed your attempts to do what's right.

I think you're the reason I lose my mind.
So fine.
So shoot me, I didn't make an outline for my dreams.
So I will not sleep...don't blame me.
It's not my fault,
I had a nightmare of you, not me.

Go figure.
I'm likely to blow up in the near future...
One more scenario, one more human
Neither makes any sense.
Yet to you it does, you planned it.