By:Andrew Troy Keller

When I was a little kid,I was having a happy childhood--Sometimes pretending that I am some comic-book superhero going to some trouble-zone,and save the day.
That was then,for some years later,I've had grown up,and became Walter Hartman,sales agent for Starlight Insurance Company,and without a doubt,the most miserable human being on the face of this,or any other planet Earth.
But still,I've got a job to do,and no matter how much I've hated it,I was good at it,for in the last year alone,I've sold more insurance policies than two of my best friends,Peter Floyd and Chistopher Hazen combined.
But then,one day in July,all that had suddenly changed,for while we were on our way to work,we were stopped by a road block,and one of the police officers had asked us to go around.
Suddenly,I've took a little peek out of the car window,and was shocked to discovered that the cop cars were surrounding the Starlight Insurance building--The very same place where the three of us had worked.
And as for the reason why they were there,some nut job named Ivan The Terrible was inside the place,and holding our boss' two daughters hostage.
Now believe me,I don't know how it had happened,but something had caused me to be removed from the real world,and someone else had taken my place.
Now at least,according to Peter,I've had suddenly thrusted myself out of the car,and ran into a nearby alleyway,followed by Peter,who had wanted an answer for that strange bout at behavior.
Once inside the alleyway,my friend's eyes had grown wide with shock,for also according to him,I was placing some portins of tin-like junk on some spaces of my body,and introduced myself as the Omega Knight,a hero of the next generation.
But before Peter had given himself the chance to correct me,the nut-boy had smashed himself out the back way,with a shotgun on one arm,and the boss' twin daughters on the other.
Then,before Ivan had the chance to say his demands,an unprotected Christopher had entered the alleyway,and asked,"Hey,guys,what's up?"
The only answer,that Ivan had given him,was a gunshot wound straight to the heart,which had caused poor Christopher to die instantly.
Then suddenly,while that humanoid cockroach was gloating over his successful kill,the real me had returned,removed the Omega Knight's helmet from my head,AND SMASHED THE SON-OF-A-B&%#% UPSIDE THE HEAD WITH IT--AGAIN,AND AGAIN,AND AGAIN,...Until a concerned Peter had stopped me before I've gone too far.
But in a way,I've already gone too far,and because of my pretending that I was someone I'm not,one of my two best friends was killed by a murderous psycho--When it should've been me.
After that little incident,I was too ashamed to work for Starlight Insurance.
So after I've quit my job with the company,I've moved away to Florida,and hope that anything like the Starlight incident would never happen again.