Over sea and over land
She stretches out Her helping hand
Keeping all Her children in Her sight
Our mother, the Lady of the Night
Hers is the pale light of the moon
Hers is the nightingale's sweet tune
Hers are the flowers that scent the air
Hers are all things of which we care
For Her at the eight sabbats we dance
Worshiping Her at every chance
Merry Meet and Blessed Be
Easy are Her gifts to see
And though she's called by many names
She responds to each the same
Mother of people, of animal and grass
Creator of all who none can surpass
Spirit of the Pentagram, Heart of the Spell
Protector of the world in which we dwell
She who is Maiden, Mother and Crone
Through each generation, our love for Her has grown
In the fragile warmth of spring in the woodland she's seen
Bringing forth the new life and painting fresh leaves with green
And as we follow her, on our separate paths
We know that her love throughout the seasons will last
Through the Magic of Nature, in our individual ways
We give thanks for our lives and offer up our praise
Through woodland and meadow, through temple and shrine
The light of the Lady forever will shine
She lays down her blessing for the whole world to see
And bids all her children to live happy and free
However they see her, whatever their ways
She recognises how all of us offer her praise
But now I say 'thank you' for taking the time
And for your patience in reading this rhyme
May life forever be good to thee
By the Lady, Blessed Be.