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A girl walked into her rented hotel room, wearing a helmet, a leather jacket that was zipped up, and was wearing tight blue leather pants. she put her keys in a suitcase that was laying open and then reached into the bag to grab another set of keys. she began packing her clothes that were strung all over the bed and the floor around the bed. she even grabbed some clothes that weren't hers. "that was my blue spaghetti strap shirt you just put carelessly in your bag, Blu." soemone said. the girl looked up and then rolled her eyes. shit.... she thought. She turned around and saw a woman with chin length black hair. she was wearing a black shirt that left the shoulders bare and grey tinted pants with a string of chains for a belt. She looked to be in her mid twenties. "take off the helmet, get your ass in that shower, get out, and then get to sleep." she said. teh gril hung her head and then took off the helmet. she let down her long black hair and opened her black eyes. she ruffed up her hair a bit and it becomes a bit more obvious that there are blue streaks added into her hair. both her ears were pierced, but her right one had two hoops and some sort of just metal clip on around the top. her left one only had one hoop. she held her helmet in her right ahnd and she looked at the older woman.

"Come on Maria. I'm just goin' out to race in the backstreets." she said. Maria grabbed the elft hoop on Blu's ear. "owie!"

"if people find out who you are, the backstreets can get pretty damn tough." she said. Blu scowled and realized she was right. she just wished Maria would let go of her earing. "now, if you give up now, i'll let you skip the shower, and we'll sneak in a late night movie and pray that we wake up early enough in the morning for the bus." she siad. Blu smiled and then held up a white shirt as if surrendering. Maria smiled, then looked at teh shirt. "that's mine too!" she let go of Blu and grabbed her shirt away. Blu shook her head as Maria went into the bathroom and unzipped her leather jacket. she was wearing a white tank top adn also around her neck was a necklace with a blue and white crystal. she took off her gloves and adn placed those and the jacket carefully on a chair near her bed. Maria came out in a black night gown and she was currently taking out her golden hoop earrings. Blu then claimed the bathroom.

"i don't get you Maria. you work with porbably teh toughest people around, in the toughest job around, and you haven't turned into a tomboy. you still like the nice lookin' clothes, earrings, and shoes, it's stupid." Blu called. maria rolled her eyes this time. Blu came out in her same white tank top, but was wearing some sleeping pants that were mixes of blue and green. "it would be a lot easier for you." she said putting her leather pants carelessly in her bag again. Maria pushed Blu onto the bed and then turned on then jumped onto her own bed.

"if i weren't the way i am now, i wouldn't have so much authority and power over you, my dear little sister." Maria grabbed the remote and turned on teh TV. Blu crosed her arms after putting her bag on the floor and glaring at Maria. tehn she looked at the TV and smiled to herself. maria saw teh smile and then turned the TV up.

"......seems Child Racing prodigy, Jade Deleon, better known as "Ravage Blue," has done what she started out to do. The young 18-year-old, youngest to ever win the National championships, left her competition in the dirt and mud. She was awarded several new titles, broke several records, and a $750,000 funding. And next year she will be allowed into the Internationals. She has defintily turned the page in ATV riding history........" Blu grabbed a mountain dew and cheered kind of loudly.

"hell yeah i have! Best time of my life! only problem with the whole thing he just said, was he said my real name." she said and she started chuggin down her mountain Dew. Maria threw a pillow at her and made her stop.

"now, Nationals are done. Internationals are gonna be a bigger deal." Maria said. Blu only nodded as she took another drink and tossed Maria a diet coke.

"yeah yeah i know! Nothin' i can't handle! German boys may be cute with their little blonde selves, but they're so damn slow too! I wonder if that's how we won WWII...." Maria laughed out loud this time.

"Calm down, my little ATV riding prodigy! now settle down and watch the TV. seems you weren't the only winner tonight. teh Music award's were on tonight, the national air show, and then the Sea-doo riders have their own compitions. Look, their, covering the Music award's right now!" maria said. Blu sat down still drinking ehr Mountain dew.

".....Singing and dancing sensation, Angel has the left the Music award's with more awards then anyone else. She won best Music video kiss, best song of the year, best female pop artist, best duo song, best......" Blu rolled her eyes.

"seems they've added a few categories!" Maria said taking a small drink of her her Diet coke. Blu snickered.

"they only added them so she coudl win them. personally i hate her. she's so girlish. it's disgusting. and i really don't thinik she can sing to save her life. look at her! Sixteen-years-old, and weak looking. Hell, two years ago i was topping the charts on the Racing. and racing takes physical and mental effort." Maria threw another pillow at her.

"shut up! i remember when you were the laziest thing around. Now be quiet! they've got an interview with her." maria snapped.

"Angel, you just started out and now you've probabaly accomplished more then most idols have done in Years! you must be so proud." teh camera now focused on a young looking girl with light brown hair coming to her shoulders. she was weraing a beige dress with 'Angel' embroidered on it. around her neck was a chain of crystals. the biggest one of them was a beautiful cat's eye crystal. on her head was a small beige hat to match her dress. around her eyes were added on silver crystals whcih only brought out the beautiful shine of her sharp grey eyes. she smiled teh perfected smile all idols know, according to Blu.

"i wouldn't say proud, I'd say very thankful and blessed for all that's happened to me. Its' beena real pleasure traveling all over doing what i do best." she said with a smooth, calm, collected voice. Blu finished off her Mountain Dew and continued watching with annoyance. only maria would like this crap. she thought. she got up adn grabbed another Mountain Dew.


Angel crossed her legs adn waited as the interview went on for the next three minutes. After the interview she got up adn walked off of the set, her beige boots clapping against the hard floor. she walked over to a young man with a light brown hair much like her own. in his hand was a long-john donut and it was also all over his black shirt.

"oh very nice loking Damon." Angel said. damon looked down at ehr with soft hazel eyes. then he looked down at his shirt and jeans.

"whoops. Sorry Angel! i'm just hungry! haven't eaten all day preparing for the awards. adn have you eaten?" he aksed putting the donut in teh trash can regretting it but shrugged.

"i ate lightly at all three meals." she said. Which meant she didn't eat either. Damon rolled his eyes at his little partner. "now come on. I want to get out of here as soon as i can."

"yes dear cousin of mine." damon mumbled softly. he followed her outside to her limo and then opened the door for her to climb in. He then followed her. "so, have you watched the news at all? the ravage girl made it past the ATV nationl races." he asked trying to strike up a conversation with Angel she took off her hat and glared at him.

"you know that doens't strike my interest. ATV's are such horrible and dirty machines. it's completly barbaric. Anything else happen?" she asked. Damon shook his head adn then thought taking a margarita from teh compartment infront of him. Angel looked at her cousin in disgust.

"well, in Arizona, that daredevil pilot was putting on a pretty big air show today. tons of people went to see. almost as much as the Music awards. You know the woman they call a wind demon? what's her name?" damon asked thinking as he took a sip of his margarita. "oh yeah, Sharon Skyler. her son was in one of your music videos. 'Hearts' i believe was what it was." he said.

"her adoptive son anyway. She's only 25. I wonder how such an outrageous woman can even think of adopting a child. her job is far too dangerous for ehr own good. and she's a bad influence to him anyway." Angel snapped. Damon shook his head. Angel always had her opinion on everything and everyone. mainly bad. "anythign else interesting happen?" damon said he couldn't think of anything. Angel sighed. it figures... she thought. she couldn't wait until she was back in Missouri, in St. Louis. her home town.


in the room next to Blue's and Maria's there were five girls playing video games and listening to music. on girl was beatign all teh others at a game called JetX20, a sea-doo racing game. she ahd light blond ehair and it was pulled into a high ponytail. her green eyes focusing on the screen adn her character the whole time. her nails were polished a green color, but if a different light was shone on them, it would turn into a sea green or blue. she was wearing a tie-dye shirt and black shorts. around her arm was a brown band on teh brown band was an emerald that was stuck onto the badn and wouldn't come off no matter what. she had made sure of that. she jumped up and cheered as her character won another race.

"WHO may I ask is the best Jet-ski rider the world has ever known?" she asked throwing a pillow at her friends. they all laughed and hit her with pilows of their own. she and the girl on the bed traded palces and her friends continued playing the girl smiled and grabbed a sucker and looked to see if it was her flavor. it was grape and that was good enough. she put it in her mouth and laughed a one of her friends got herself competely lost.

"hey Bubbles! don't just laugh! help me out!" she caled. Bubbles got off of the bed and took the controller adn got ehr frined on the right path. tehn she flopped back on the bed tired from the morning trip from Florida to Missouri. she was surprised they had made it. Her mother and father were in teh next room and everyone else who had helped were on teh bus or in their own cars. it was nothing new to them. she squealed with joy though.

"i cannot believe i won the water race Nationals. I am officially jet-ski champion!" she siad. she jumped on the bed a bit and then sat down and watched her friends. "anyone want popcorn?" she asked. they all said yes. Bubbles slipped on soem pants and grabbed a jacket and walked outisde out to her tour bus. she was surprised to see another bus with the words ATV champions on a poster put on it. hm, wonder who they are? she thought. she opened the bus and walked in there to see only five people in there talking. she made her way to the microwave and fixed some popcorn. "so Jody, think you could fix my jet-ski once we get back to Michigan?" a girl with spikey red hair laughed.

"sure can, adn tehn you'll rule Lake Michigan with it since you own every other body of water." she said. Bubbles smiled and then got the popcorn when it was ready adn walked out of the bus and back into her room. she tossed the bag at her friends who immediately began attacking it.

"hey! leave some for me!" she said. she grabbed the bag away and then all her friends dog-piled her. All of them laughing.


At the St. Louis Airport, a woman and a six-year-old boy were in the waiting area. the woman had short boy-like, hair with three different colors. at teh top it was jet black, but as you went down, it got lighter, one part of it was brown and the ends of her hair were blonde. she had brown eyes that were soft and loving as she was playing with teh boy. but everything else about her said rough. she had a hoop nose ring and she had four piercings in each of her ears. she had a small tattoo that was the japanes sign for wind on her right shoulder. and on her left shoulder was the word Sky in bold black and sharp letters. around her head was a head band with a ruby in a perfect circle. her shirt was a leather shirt with almsot no back to it, but it tied at the neck. her black pants had slits in the sides to amke them look like cat's eyes and her belt was a chain of dragons. her boots had sveral straps on them too. her nails were polished a blood colored red. her eye shadow was even red. the boy was wearing a simple John Deere shirt adn some cargo shorts. he wore simple tennis shoes. he had bright blue eyes and he also wore a cap that said Sky on it. the two looked very odd playing patty-cake together.

"okay, Sky, i think it's time to go. we've been playing Patty-cake for fdive whole minutes." the woman said. Sky nodded and put on his coat as a man came walkign towards them, holding a cup of chocolate milk in his right hand, a Live Wire in the other. "Hey! Taylor! you got the drinks! thanks buddy!" she said and took the live wire and gave teh cup of chocolate milk to Sky.

"Sharon, we really need to leave. the weather people say there's a storm coming." Taylor said as he put his jacket on. Sharon Skyler, known as the Wind Demon, didn't even have a coat or jacket, or even another shirt. all she had was her bags adn Sky's too.

"damn, a storm on my day off. it would make great jumping weather.... I'm kidding Taylor! I may be a Daredevil pilot adn sky diver, but i'm not idiotic!"

"really? that nose ring says otherwise." taylor said flicking the nose ring. Wind glared at him.

"hey hey! back off on teh piercings! let's go already!" she said. she put the bags on her shoulder and then took Sky's hand and walked out. Taylor followed.

"don't you need a coat or soemthing?" eh asked as they were looking for his car.

"i told you, Taylor, i'm a daredevil!" she called. she found the car adn let Sky in first before getting in herself. Taylor got in the driver's seat, started the car, and drove off.


About six hours later, maria had fallen asleep, Bubbles and her friends were alseep, Wind was now driving talking to Sky in the backseat, adn Angel adn Damon were entering St. Louis. The sky ahd become cloudy adn rain had poured not too long ago. but now, the stars were shining a bit brighter then usual. it was almost like there were a ton of moons in teh sky. the moon was clouded over though, so the stars were all that you could see. Blu was outside riding her ATV, a blue Honda Talon, riding it around at a slow speed and not making too much noise. But Bubbles was a light sleeper and heard teh ATV's engine. she got up and walked out and saw Blu riding around the parking lot. also at that time, Angel's limo and Wind's car weren't too far from the hotel themselves. Bubbles waved to Blu and teh ATV Cahmpion stopped infront of her.

"sorry, was i too loud?" she asked. she took off her helemt and for soem reason in the moonlight, her blue streaked tresses were better seen. Bubbles smiled though.

"Naw, i'm just a light sleeper. So i take it that's your bus that says "ATV Champions?" she asked. Blu smiled and shook her head. her crew had been so happy when she had won.

"yeah, that would be mine. don't ask. adn what about you? that one wih teh dolphins all onit yours?" Blu said pointing to Bubbles' bus. Bubbles laughed and then looked up at the sky. Blue looked up too adn noticed that some of the stars were actually moving. "huh, that's wierd." she said aloud. it was then that Wind's car pulled up adn Wind got out of the car looking up too. Angel was ahlf asleep in her limo and tehn loked at teh sky trhough her window. she woke up immediately.

"hey! stop!" she said. teh driver stopped and Angel stepped out of teh limo looking up. it looked like All of the stars were moving to teh left side. "whoa......" she said. the moon was uncovered now only it seemed to be a huge gem. Blu blinked and then it was laike she went blind. alls he could see was blue light. Bubbles looked at Blu and saw that her eyes had turned completely blue and that her crystal around her neck as glowing slightly. she looked at Wind and Angel and nociced that Wind's eyes were glowing a light red and Angels were glowing white. Bubbles looked up at the moon and her eyes truned completely green and a small portal appeared behind each of them. the portals were made of what looked like lightning bolts of all sorts of colors. The Huge gem in the sky was glowing brighter and brighter adn the portal grew bigger and bigger. Finally there was a beam of light from the gem that hit the concrete service adn as the light faded away, the four girls were gone, with no traces of tehm left......


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