AN: This is weird! But it was written at..dead of night, lol, so forgive is true.not the end bit but I love to laugh but I also find serenity
in Grey Mantle for more info, lol. Review!

At dead of night I find,
In the whirlpool of my thoughts,
Yet another mystery of my being unsolved,
A fact unquestioned that puzzles me.

So calm, so peaceful and serene,
In this dark hour, all alone I feel dead, and I love it.
I don't care anymore, I don't worry, I am not happy,
But the important thing is that I am not sad.

I love to laugh, I truly do, and it is the sweetest music,
It is well known. I delight in my friend's jokes,
And a single silly word is enough to unleash my unstoppable hysterics,
Glee is my chief element, I cannot bear frowns.

I also love the sun, my dark skin shows it,
Toned body is the proof that I delight in long summer walks,
I hate cold, yet can bear the Sahara heat;
Egypt is the country I felt best in.

Then tell me why right now,
At dead of night, in an empty house,
With a morbid silence and a hollow heart,
Do I feel insanely serene?

I do not know and it drives me mad,
I cut again and again,
Asking my blood why I feel good in the dark,
Why I do not miss my lovely light.

It doesn't matter; I just don't want it to end,
A mad grin lights up my face,
And the knife I hold slips, again and again,
Then suddenly, my hand drops.




Blood on the floor.

All is white to me.

My face lit up.

A grin spread across it.

I am dead.

And insane grin on my lit up face.

I died laughing and with light.

I've captured the two forever.