When dragon's roamed the earth, sometimes you would watch the sky and feel the wind coming from the thumthumthum of the wing beats. The dragons would circle over like birds of scavenging watching their meal. The breeze would whip your hair about your face but your eyes would stay open, watching those wings. The sun was reflected off the shimmering scales. They say that if a beam of light reflected off a dragon hits you the place where the beam touches would bring luck. They said the scaleweed also brought good fortune.
The world loved the dragons, and their admiration was not unrequited. The two races thrived together. Dragons were called upon to bring strength to the men in wars. Humans helped to doctor the wounded dragons. Even the storms were cleared when the majestic forms flew by.
Dragons came in all the beautiful colors- magenta, gold, white, cerulean, emerald green, violet, and, rarest of all, a clear, crystalline color. Their flames turned to rubies and their tears became diamonds. When they sounded their deep, resounding roar people went silent to listen to the musical wonder. Each was unique. Some had spiked tails. Some were small and snakelike. Others took on doglike appearances. The greatest of all could shift their shape. Every child was brought to a dragon when born. Every person was buried with a dragon scale. Medics used the dragon tooth to make precise cuts. Though we took them for granted, all knew in their soul that we could not live without the dragons.