"The Decay Of Living And Lying"
Everybody says I've lost my mind at sea,
And everybody thinks you looked good on me.

But I don't know if you were good for my health,
All I know is that your name was Elizabeth.

And I loved you and adored you and could care for you,
All until my death.

Untimely as it may seem,
It might have been all a dream.

To be with me,
And me with you,
For eternity,
And I'd love you and leave you with every ounce of responsibility,
To take care of yourself in the city.

As I read silently,
The many books I've gotten from you.

The most recent one being,
As I travel these miles,
Select writings of Oscar Wilde.

And I thanked you immensely for it,
Because I cherish these gifts,
And love you dearly,
And consider you so very beautiful.

Then I read and thought and said the most beautiful thing I've ever heard...

The most beautiful things are the things that do not concern us.

And isn't it truthful,
And ironic?