A girl, she walked, through the wood
Gathered a berry or two
Unaware of her story
The whole kingdom knew
Back to the home of her childhood,
Singing a song she walked
Singing of an unknown prince
Who, close behind her, stalked
Almost to the home of sheltered life
When out of hiding, her prince, was shoved
No sooner than their eyes had met
But a glance, then they loved
But an evil plot was soon gathered
To make the young girl pay
For a crime, committed before her time
In death, nay, in sleep she would have to lay
No sooner twas this evil thought
Then it was so
Now the young prince, all alone
His love, must he show
With the guide of whimsical faeries
Through the forest he flew
Once to meet his one true love
Now a dragon he slew
With quick foot and guided shield
A swift slice of his sword
And love's first kiss on her lips
And all was restored
The kingdom woke with a start
They, their princess, were glad to see
The two appeared from the tower
They were respected on bended knee
Now the girl had her prince
To rule, till death, they joined in laughter
To be together forever
And live happily ever after