A teen rather short in stature slipped into a clearing under a hedge of undergrowth. After taking a quick glance for signs of trespassing in his absence, he lifted the hedge to allow his five comrades to enter.

They stalked up to the center through a beaten trail in the soft, green grass. Five of them formed a circle, as the sixth stopped next to the short teen. The sixth fiddled in his cloak for a moment, removing a pouch. He began walking to each of his comrades, trailing white dust on the ground as he visited each of them.

The sixth offered each of them a gauntlet, which they drank greedily from allowing the red liquid to ooze from their canines. He gave each of them a handful of white powder that they held carefully, making sure not to spill a drop. The sixth walked to the center checking the trail he had made.

"Switch." He muttered. The five comrades instantly walked to their neighbors spot directly next to them, forming a circle around the diagonal lines the sixth had made. "Good, then it's time." He said, satisfied with what he saw. Muttering under his breath, the sixth struck a match and threw it onto the white powder. The fire ignited traveling quickly in a domino effect eagerly lighting all of it in flames.

The sixth chuckeled, as he drew back his black hood revealing his jet black hair. He looked up from the center of the flaming pentagram eyeing the starry sky with his icy blue eyes. "Send us a vessel, one to carry this. Send us a vessel to damn this whole reality with."