Chapter 4

Chapter 4

"Now, does everyone understand what their role is?" X said as he looked from person to person out of the group while Dax, Damien, and the others nodded. "Good, then let's play this killing field."..

Celeste scanned the courtyard for Nina quickly as the first bell sounded for third period. Lunch had just ended, and she had spent it searching out her cousin. Finally, her eyes caught Nina walking from what appeared to be the cafeteria. but I had just looked in there, didn't eye.

Oh well. Celeste decided shrugging it off as she ran up to Nina.

"Nina! Nina!" Celeste called out waving her hands frantically.

Nina spotted her quickly, and let out a silent moan as she rubbed her head. Not this, I don't feel like talking to her right now. But Nina gave in partially as Celeste grabbed hold of her shoulder and fell into pace with her.

"Nina, I'm suppose to bring you to youth group tonight after school, so after fourth period meet me in the courtyard and we can walk there together, alright?" Celeste rambled quickly, obviously in a hurry to get to class.

Nina stopped dead in her tracks and stared at her blankly, with no rhyme or reason as to why she was giving Celeste a dead stare. Celeste squirmed uneasily under her gaze for a moment, trying to figure out what she did. when familiar voices caught her ear.

Celeste looked out the corner of her eye to see the group of six boys standing by the cafeteria. Was Nina with them? Celeste looked back to Nina, whose eyes haven't faltered from the blank stare. Celeste began uneasily to speak. "And-"

"Okay, the courtyard." Nina answered finally interrupting Celeste.

Celeste's face brightened, as she answered back bubbily. "That's great! See you then!" Then she quickly scurried off to class.

Nina sighed, as she began to walk slowly to third period. Why did I say yes? ----------------------

KC walked up to a group of three stoners standing outside the cafeteria. He nodded a greeting to them, as the three looked at him a bit strangely. One spit on the ground in front of KC.

"What do you want, freak." The tall, stocky one said.

"Relax, Pancho. Maybe he wants to make a purchase." A shorter Hispanic one said.

KC itched his nose as he looked from the spit up to the third one who hadn't spoken yet. "Spit at me again and I'll fuck you up instead." KC said as he spat one the ground like they were the dirt.

Pancho glared at him. "Instead of what, freak."

KC nodded over to Kristine who was giggling now with her two friends. "That. I couldn't help but notice you staring at it as well."

Pancho looked over to Kristine, a now lustful expression on his face.

"Yeah, what about her. You wanna purchase a date rape drug. I can hook you up, ese." The Hispanic said licking his lips.

KC smirked. "I never said I wanted to date it, or waste any money. Fuck that. but why shouldn't we have a taste." KC raised his eyebrows to heighten his point.

Pancho snickered. "I like your style." He motioned over to the street. "Speaking of fucking shit up, let's start with ourselves." He opened his jacket up to reveal a bag of weed.

KC now snickered. "Now I like your style. Fuck this, let's blow this joint." ------------------------------

Kristine and her friends parted ways in the hall. The brunet and blonde entered their third period class and sat in their assigned seats. The brunet began to play with her tight curls dangling from her ponytail when Nina suddenly sat on the top of her desk.

The girl looked up to meet Nina's light blue eyes. A slight glint of fear streaked across the girl's deep emerald eyes. "Y-yes." The girl cleared her throat. "What do you want."

Nina glared at her. She couldn't help it, although her intention was to attempt a friendship. After all, what better way to kill a rumor than to get the ones who are spreading it to change it themselves.

"Well, self-proclaimed Christian, are you done judging me?" Nina snapped.

"J-j-judging, what do you mean." The girl gulped.

"I came to talk to you, but all you do is stutter." Nina shot back, drilling a hole in her head with her death glare.

The girl took in a deep breath, steadying herself. "My name is Calisto, but all my friends call me Cali."

"Well, Calisto, my name is Nina." Her eyes fell down to the book on Calisto's desk.

Cali followed her gaze, and let out a tired sigh. "That's my art book." She flipped it open to a smear of blue and red hues.

"Hmph, nice. That is all guy's think about." Nina muttered a bit amused.

Calisto's eyes lit up. Did she really see it? A picture of a guy's mind only filled with that? "Yes, I tried to make a paint collage of a guy's mind."

Nina began to creep a smile up on her face. She couldn't hide it. "Yeah, duh."

"ALRIGHT EVERYONE IN THEIR DESK'S THE TARDY BELL AS RUNG!!" a shriek came from the front of the room. The teacher was an older lady with a harsh square face and decently large muscles for a girl. She carried a ruler like it was a whip.

The teacher walked over to Calisto. "I SEE YOU HAVE MET THE NEW GIRL, CARE TO INTRODUCE HER!"

Nina stared in shock at the teacher, unable to believe how militant she was. Calisto choked back a snicker, as a playfulness formed in her eyes. "MA'AM YES MA'AM! THIS IS NINA, MA'AM!"

"GOOD JOB MISS CALISTO!" Miss Gravy, the teacher, then looked to Nina. "NINA!"

Miss Gravy then walked away to the front of the class room as Nina stared at her in confusion. Calisto leaned over and whispered. "She was saying hello. Miss Gravy is an ex military officer."

"Miss Gravy."


Ivy was the blonde friend of Kristine. Ivy stood up with her curvy hour glass figure and tossed her long blonde hair. "I have to use the ladies room."


Ivy quickly left the room and walked down the hall to the girl's rest room. She checked beneath all the stalls making sure no one was in it, then positioned herself in front of the mirror. She frowned, her mascara was wearing off.

She untied her necklace from around her neck and admired it for a moment. It was a silver cross pendant with a heart at the center. Her hands began to shake with anticipation as her breath quickened a bit. She fumbled a bit as she popped open the heart in the middle of the cross. Bits of white powder laid cradled in the middle of it. Ivy covered her right nostril and sniffed it up greedily with her other. She tossed her head back closing her eyes, sipping up every last drop through her nose. A sensation washed over her, as her head began to feel like it was free from her body, like she was no longer even a part of this reality.

"How godly of you, is that angel dust?" A voice whispered behind her head.

Ivy popped her eyes open and jerked her head down to face the mirror. Lucifer stood behind her, his jet black hair flowing down to his shoulders. He grabbed her hands and slammed them down to the sink pinning her in place, so that she was forced to stare at their reflections in the mirror.

"This is the girl's restroom! Your not suppose to be in here!" Ivy snapped in defense, as her heart fluttered in her chest.

"And this is what you're suppose to be doing?" Lucifer whispered in her ear.

Sweat began to drench Ivy's fingers as the necklace slipped from her hand. Ivy gasped as she watched it dance around the sink stopping inches from the drain. Her heart pace quickened as she eyed it, her mouth dry.

"Thirsty? Don't fret child, there's more." He snickered.

Ivy looked up to his reflection. She could swear his eyes were darker now, a more deep blue. His grip tightened on her hands, pressing them more firmly down until his knuckles whitened.

Ivy licked her lips. "What do you mean there's more."

His eyes stared into her reflection. "I can refill that heart of yours, with unfathomable amounts of angel dust. I can overflow your heart with it, fuck the cross- you won't need it to hold your heart when I'm done."

She eyed him uneasily. "What's in it for you?"

He grinned. Lucifer leaned forward, keeping her in his gaze, as he slid his lips over her neck. He breathed in deep inhaling her scent as he brushed his lips up to her earlobe and tasted it. She felt her body shiver as her skin formed goosebumps, enticed by the offer of more angel dust. Slowly, her entire body became aware of it, and her mind awakened to the near future.

"You want it. Offer yourself to me, and it is yours." He whispered into her ear.

Her body was filled to the brink now, and she bursted greedily spitting out, "It's all yours, just give it to me." Ivy's eyes widened as she realized what she just said. She could see a devilish grin consume his face as he removed his grip from her hands. Ivy locked eyes with his reflection as the deep blue hue of his eyes appeared to swim like fire.

"No! Wait!" Ivy gasped, as she spun around to face him, then she screamed. No one was there. She darted her eyes around the room searching for him, then spun back around to the mirror. "Where did." she muttered, her senses on full alert.

Ivy took a few steps back and gripped her head. She could feel her mind spinning out of control. The room, it was too small. It was crowding her. Ivy raced out of the restroom into the cool air of the hallway, and nearly ran into a group of boys. She gasped, as she looked up to see who it was.

"Careful, you might break something on that precious body of yours." X said slyly, as he brushed his finger along her face.

"Don't touch me!" Ivy gasped as she swatted his hand away. She stumbled backwards, bewildered, gripping her ears shut in a desperate attempt to shut out X, Dax, Damien, and Neo's laughter.

Her back hit the locker, echoing a clang through her head. Ivy gasped again, greedily sucking in the air, as her mind spun one final time into a downward spiral, following her body down, down, onto the floor..