Elen sela loomen en omen te elvo!
I dedicate my humble work, hoping it will please her, to Adri, the best of
friends, and the best of writers! But, hem, for the moment she does not
know I've written it. It's supposed to be a Christmas gift.and that's why I
beg for your most honest reviews and advice. Thanks :D.does it seem

A star shone on the night of our meeting,
So bright, so powerful, we could see it smiling.
The moon's benevolent gaze fell upon the two of us,
And said what should and what was to be, and thus,
Our friendship was born, by the will of the earth.

I'm so tired of being here, suppressed by all my childish fears,
Whenever I hear that, I think of you, and how you dried my tears,
Whenever I cried you were there, and when I laughed you laughed with me,
You brought a smile to my face when there was only a frown to see,
You shared everything with me, anger, sadness, love and mirth.

I've never had that power of yours, so unique, to shape the world,
And create life, take it away, or make all things twisted and twirled,
By a simple word, you craft a world which enchants all,
A world of splendor and horror, that makes you fly or crawl,
On the wild journey that takes to a place above death or birth.

To me you are like a friend out of a fairytale, pretty and gifted,
Clever and funny, your charms seem inexhaustible and enchanted
To last forever in this place where mortals sin and angels fall down.
Just to think of you cheers me up, knowing you would never let me drown,
In this sea of tears that could overflow the earth.

That is why I love you so, and can't believe my luck to have met you! I
promise I will always be there for you!