It was a cold day in December. The thought of being late for church was devastating to me. I had a great religious background and had never went against God's will or so I thought.....


As I crept out of my car rain hit me, barley giving me a chance to pull out an umbrella. As I opened the protection from the elements I heard a moan bellow me. Looking down I saw the maker of the grunt. It was a bum living helplessly on the ground. The homeless man looked pitiful in tattered clothes and no shoes.

"Spare a dime for the needy" he said helplessly. I let out a sarcastic and arrogant.

"Impudent slime" and I shoved the haggard old wrench into the wall. I continued down the street to church without looking back. One street left to cross and I could still make it in time. I had no time to wait for the sign to say walk. I glanced both ways and ran onto the wet pavement...Mistake! As I stepped a car turned the corner and came hurtling towards me. The sleek black car crushed my knees and I fell to the earth forcefully. My head hit the ground and everything went black.


When I awoke it was like a dream. Millions of pale colors all at once. I stood on a transparent platform. Ahead of me were more small crystal blocks that led upwards in a spiral. Behind me was darkness. Knowing I had only one way to go I headed upward. The clear stairs went on for quite a while then I was suddenly enveloped with light. I shielded my eyes from the aura. When I opened my eyes there stood a being so brilliant looking it was indescribable.

"Hello, Erick Welcome to heaven" the thing said in such a voice that it was running through my whole body.

I realized I was in heaven, and the voice talking to me must be God himself.

"Erick I cannot allow you passage into heaven." the immaculate voice sternly said.

The words mad me go pale and I fell to my knees in shock.

"Why, I go to church and pray and am always kind?" I asked hardly able to stomach the thought of were I was going.

The light in front of me flickered and the floor below me parted and I looked down still floating above the earth. There lying on the ground was the same homeless person I had pushed before. I shook my head realizing what I had done.

"What ever you do to the least of my people, that you do unto me." God said with hint of shame in his voice.

I could only think of how to ask for forgiveness. God answered my mental question.

"I already think I know of a lesson for you."

Suddenly my body disintegrated back into darkness.


I awoke to raindrops. As I opened my eyes all I saws was a water logged sky. I sat up and saw my clothing. It consisted of a pair of camo pants and a plaid jacket. It took me no time to realize what my punishment was. I had taken the bums place. I knew nothing to do. Quickly I looked for another to help me. I spotted a mother and her daughter. I ran to them and begged for help. The older women gave me a disdainful look, the daughter a look of fear.

'C'mon Sarah lets go!" the mom said impatiently.

"Mommy I'm cold." she whined back.

Then it hit me even the little I had could help. I removed my jacket and handed it to the girl. She smiled then ran to catch up with her mom.

I may not have much, but I knew I must give to others to fix my earlier mistakes. As I finished the thought the rain began to cease and a rainbow appeared above in the sky.

I know my lesson had already turned out how God wanted it to.