So we were driving in Cash's car, with the top down, listening to Nirvana on the radio really loud, when this other convertible came up beside us. It was pink. Yeah, a pink car. There were three girls in it, a blonde and two brunettes, and they were play'ng the milkshake song even louder than we were play'ng "In Bloom." The blonde was driving and she was smoking a cigarette. They were all looking at us.

"Time to test your theory." Slider raised his eyebrows and grinned.

"Bad taste in music, but whatever," I said.

We were at a light. One of those really long ones. I turned the music up. Louder than the pink convertible's. They turned theirs up. I turned ours up again. This middle-aged guy pulled up on our other side, rolling his eyes. I'm pretty sure he muttered, "Damn kids," but I'm not totally sure, 'cuz I cou'n't hear anything but "In Bloom" and "Milkshake." I was just guessing from the way his mouth moved.

The light went green and the pink car kept following us. We di'n't really realize it at first, and when Tristan pointed it out, Slider took a few random turns to make sure. After a while, the girls gave up, and we were all kind of disappointed, so natchurally we weren't surprised when Slider turned it around and started following them. The girls were all freaking out like they hadn't just ben doing the same thing to us. The driver started to pull over and signal for us to do the same, and the passengers freaked out even more.

Slider's smile grew and he pulled over right behind them. The other driver put out her cigarette.