Eight months later.

Lily sat in the home that she shared with her in-laws. It was a large house, but clearly not large enough for all its inhabitants. Several young children ran underfoot of the adults, namely those of Audrey and Owen, and her own daughter, Harriet, who was named for her father.
Audrey had found her baby seven months ago, a week after the palace was rampaged by an angry mother dragon. Strangely enough, there was only one death, and that was of Vince, and no one missed him. He had kidnapped the daughter of the mother dragon, and the son of Lady Audrey and Lord Owen. Ryu, the mother dragon, had found her daughter Kaida, as well as Scott, and had flown to the hotel where Phyll, Audrey and Owen had been staying. Ryu returned Scott to his parents, in exchange for a promise of help should she ever need it. A few months later, Scott had a little sister, named Nadine.
Surprisingly, Audrey was expecting again, and Lily couldn't help but envy her. She was a widow, and her heart wouldn't allow her to remarry. Harriet, her daughter, was the only light in her dark world.
No one in the family was able to figure out Phyll's secret, try as they might. He hadn't been around much, as he was convinced that Harry was still alive. Lily hoped, but she was afraid to be disappointed.
Jeffrey had married Princess Lianna almost immediately after they met, and they were now expecting their first child any day now. They lived in her father's country, in Uvinia, and it was clear that they were both still head over heels in love with each other.
Lisa was still painfully single, and was training at the Institute of Combat, and she planned to travel and be a great legend. She and Mikona still did not get along, whenever they met.
Poor Mikona. It seemed that unless the king died soon, she would be married to her uncle. The scandal of it! But only her family knew, and her parents were doing everything they could to delay the marriage. The king did not know that his precious Nikylo was his niece, and he probably wouldn't care if he did know.
Lily sighed as she watched the three children play. Scott was the oldest, then came Nadine, and last, Harriet. Scott was walking now, and loved to tease the two defenseless girls, who as of yet were only capable of lying on their backs on the soft blankets, and making gurgling noises as they blew bubbles. The children were so innocent, so unaware of their royal blood.
They never would know, unless their great uncle died. The king would die, she was sure, for the country was restless under the tyrant, and their only hope seemed to lie with Mikona. But that was another story, for another time, and another place. And for now, she would have to be content to live a life of loneliness.

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