Don't get trapped

Don't get trapped into complacency
thinking, "I've got everything going for me so I don't need to work"
"My life is perfect so nothing needs to change"
You are beautiful only if you make yourself that way
and the world is a window, not a mirror

Don't get trapped in a mime's thought box
life is too short to spend it hating the
and never to think about life, and love, and society-
or at least, to think

Don't get trapped in a shining commercial
whispering that contrary to what the medical community may believe
the Elixir of Life can be found in this Pop-tart
this nicotine this leather this sex if you buy it you buy this just buy this
Don't waste your privilege and comparative wealth
on a 19.99 CD by the newest pop princess
whose songs all sound alike- and only half of them are hers

You are too good for reality TV
Don't you see that between us- all of us
is the power to revive Bohemia
topple Time Warner
and mold the fates of every nation in the world?
Behind these glazed eyes
lie the spirits of a million warriors
gone cryogenically dormant
and paralyzed by a steady diet of pseudo-culture

Don't you see?
The dangers are not reserved for the oppressed
nor the sick, dying, or imperiled
Not the insane or the pregnant teens
the alcoholics and addicts

Our real danger
lies in the bored, dead-eyed children
watching MTV
and not seeing the cruelty
and not seeing the grace






Don't get trapped