Hours pass and Iaeruki awakes, eyes opening to a dark room and body no longer numb to the touch of soft fabrics resting against his skin. He blinks a couple times, scarlet traced orbs of emerald adjusting to the darkness, and shifts to sit up, bed sheets sliding down his chest and bunching at his waist. He looks around the room, genuinely muddled, and looks down beside himself, seeing Tsuki sitting in the chair beside the bed; resting her cheek in her palm while slouched in the seat.
He idly scratches at his back, shuffling his fingers beneath his thigh length silver hair, and rubs at his forehead, unable to recall past events before having fallen asleep. He looks back at Tsuki, taking note that she's still wearing now damp clothing, and shuffles to get out of bed, ears offering a faint twitch to the sound of a crystalline ring sliding along a small silver chain around his neck.
As his bare feet touch the floor, he freezes in place, slowly looking down, and flinches, just now realizing that his current attire consists of nothing. He scratches his head, eyes shut while his face turns rather warm, and slowly pushes himself onto his feet, grateful that his hair currently is useful for more than just looks. He glances around once rather quick, spotting the closet, and steps over to it, opening it, while expecting to find an extra blanket. He finds one easily enough, taking it out while he closes the door, and opens it up, draping it gently over Tsuki's sleeping form.
Just as Iaeruki begins to lift away, step back, and turn for the bed, Tsuki awakens, grumbling softly. She rubs at one eye, opening them both, and stretches one arm forward, fingertips just brushing against his arm and upper ribs. "...?" She blinks, quickly withdrawing her arm, and looks up, eyes catching a faint flicker of silver as Iaeruki turns back to her. She stares at him for a long while, blinking on occasion, and shakes her head in the hopes of returning the intelligence to her mind. "...Iaeruki?"
Iaeruki blinks down at her, fingers idly scratching his ribs, and nods, feeling just a mite more than awkward in his current situation. "...Yes?"
"What time is it?"
"Er..." With a slight, very cautious lean, Iaeruki turns his gaze, trying to look out the window without leaving his spot, and lets his arm drop to his side, looking back to take a guess from the light and position of the moon. "Perhaps sometime after midnight...?"
"Huh... okay..." Tsuki scratches her head somewhat groggily, seeming completely oblivious to the redness in Iaeruki's face, and gives a loud yawn, limbs stretching and feet just barely missing his calve. She blinks a couple times as her mouth shuts, gaze trailing down while eyes partially close, and snaps them open, almost leaping out of the chair. "Holy crap!!" She instead falls out of the chair, face turning an interesting shade of scarlet, and bursts out with a startled yelp, landing heavily upon her head.
"!?" Iaeruki flinches, quite startled himself, and tenses into a full- bodied, sympathetic wince, staring down at her a moment before crouching his red faced self down near the floor. "Er, Tsuki, are you alright?"
"Is that really the question to be asking?!" Tsuki almost snaps at him, grumbling in pain, and rolls onto her back, rubbing at her head while glaring up at him with a squintingly opened eye.
"In case you haven't noticed... YOU'RE NAKED!"
Iaeruki cringes knowingly, face turning amazingly redder than Tsuki's, and crosses his ankles, sitting with his hands poised on the floor before himself. "Erm... yes... I know..."
Tsuki fights with herself to get up, managing to sit upright while keeping the blanket over her shoulders, and looks over at him, shaking her head with a gentle sigh. "Well, at least you show a hell of a lot more modesty than Ashihito ever did..."
"What is that supposed to mean?"
"Ah, nothing-" Tsuki answers rather quickly, perhaps too quick, and looks off to the side, randomly scratching the bridge of her nose. "Maybe you should get your nude ass back into bed, now."
Iaeruki twitches, a flat expression flooding into his face, and shuffles on his hands and feet, turning around to get up and back into bed. "Perhaps you should be getting to bed yourself, miss Hanehiro." With a pause, he turns his head and shoots her a quick glance, pupils thinning somewhat.
Tsuki perks her brow at Iaeruki, tossing a smirk at his glance.
His pupils thin just a little more before he turns, settling himself back into bed, and he turns onto his side, facing with his back to Tsuki and the rest of the room. "Good night."
"Yep, g'night." With a turn and a simple wave of her hand, Tsuki turns and heads for the door, glancing back. She pauses in the doorway, eyes of silver drifting back to him, and a concerned countenance finds its way to her face. '(I hope your sleep will be peaceful... The last thing you need is a nightmarish memory of your past to haunt your already troubled mind.)'
After a moment, she turns back, stepping out of the room, and closes the door behind her, heading for her own room. As she steps in, she flicks the light switch by the door, looking down at herself, and scrunches her nose somewhat, pulling her shirt from her skin and taking note of the water remaining. "Egh... I need to change out of this soggy outfit..." With that in mind, she turns to her dresser, pulling out some dry clothing, and rather struggles to remove the wet garments from herself, letting out a grunt of effort in the process. She changes into the dry outfit, putting the wet stuff in a place to dry, and sits down on the bed, shuffling beneath the bedding.
She looks in Iaeruki's direction, ears twitching to the sounds of slight movement, and frowns a little, settling further into the bedding. She lies on her side, curling up into a ball, and shakes her head somewhat, before trying to get some sleep.


Dusty... everything around him seems dusty. With a shake of his head, his vision comes into focus, slit pupils thinning to the sunlight shining in his face. Where is he? He takes another look at the area before him, noting the thin patches of grasses strewn at his feet, and tries to move, only to feel himself bound about the arms and torso. He twitches, looking back, and scrunches his nose, a familiar feline face being the first thing he sees. What the?!
His few attempts at movement earn a sharp squeeze of his shoulders, which sends pain through his arms and up his neck. The tiger Fromeranite's orange muzzle twists in a smirk, inhuman gold orbs looking from him to the small scene playing before them. "I don't see why you can't just give up, royal boy. You'll never be able to get out of our grip."
"To relinquish means to go against my upbringing. I refuse! Liberate me at once!"
"Quiet!" With a twitch, the tiger Fromeranite twists his wrist at an awkward angle, taking firm hold of the man's neck. "I'm sick of hearing that arrogant tone in your voice!"
Arrogance? What that feline man has been hearing is not arrogance. It is, simply, an accent characteristic to the royal Tayamoto family. Though he has a large, clawed hand wrapped about his throat, he refuses to silence; still trying to choke out his voice passed an Adam's apple pressed into his throat by a large thumb. "I... re-refuse!"
The ear of the Dracite beside him twitches, a free hand snapping up to connect harshly against the back of the Fromeranite's head and force it down as a solidly formed spear of water whips by above their heads.
"Ow! What the hell was that for?!"
"Try paying attention, you idiot! We may have him under control, but the girl can still fight."
"You know, Seisouo, Tsumi's fighting skills can be really embarrassing..."
"Yeah, he does have that one little problem with sucking, doesn't he?"
"I heard that, Seisouo! Why don't you shut up and just do what I tell you?!" Tsumi shoots an infuriated glare in the Dracite's direction, proving Seisouo's words correct by earning himself a good hit in the face with a solid water orb, stumbling back with the initial impact as he rubs a red welt on his cheek. He twitches, hearing both Seisouo and the Fromeranite burst out laughing, and ducks at the swing of a crystalline blue whip, rolling forward to sweep Aikiura's feet from beneath her.
Aikiura leaps back, flicking her wrist just so, and snaps the whip at the human man's ankle, wrapping the fluid end around it and flinging him into the air. She lets it release the appendage, thrusting an open palm in his direction, and fires off a strong column of water, which tosses his form a good, several paces away. Taking the water weapon back into the proper hand, she snaps it in the direction of the nearest restraint, Seisouo's arm getting harshly lashed before it wraps about his wrist.
Seisouo lifts the very arm, pulling back on it, and narrows his eyes at Aikiura, a strange mist beginning to coil about his right forearm. It seems almost as if he is forcing the whip to remain about his arm, and Aikiura appears to be pulling on it with both her strength and her weight.
Eyes narrowing, Iaeruki shoots a vicious stare at Seisouo, able to feel the process currently being executed, yet unable to identify it. He yanks against the other two holding him, trying to free his right arm, and lets out a loud snarl, feeling Aikiura's energy slowly draining. "What the hell are you doing to her?!"
"I'm not doing anything. My body is merely draining the energy used to make this elemental weapon." Seisouo gives Iaeruki an odd smirk, but not before shooting a quick gesture at the young Fromeranite, who shifts rather strangely in place.
Aikiura's form quivers, fingers slowly releasing the whip, and she eventually falls to one knee just as a very irritated Tsumi returns, staring around at them all with deadly leers.
Iaeruki twitches and snaps, twisting in another attempt to free himself as he slowly begins to become draconic further and further. Seisouo seems to have expected this, and quickly barks out a single name. "Fokune!"
With a twitch, the tiger Fromeranite releases the shoulder that Seisouo holds firmer, lifting his arm back, and presses his fingers together into a point, thrusting down between Iaeruki's shoulder blades and tearing through to out his breast, where his fingers then release into a claw like poise. He pulls back, pausing just at the very center of the man's chest, and lifts his lip, a flicker in his unearthly gold irises foretelling of what will become a world of pain for the prince currently in his grasp.
Threads of gold and blue trace down the orange and black furred arm, making its way down to his palm and his fingers, where they then lash out inside of Iaeruki's chest, coursing out through his whole body.
This inspires a sudden, rigid tense and a violent convulse, before a pair of somewhat inhuman jaws open, and a loud, torturous dragon shriek echoes forth from deep within the confines of an impaled chest and a seemingly human throat. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~