By:Andrew Troy Keller

It had started one Christmas Eve within the quiet little town of Winterhaven,Nebraska,where for some strange reason,none of the townsfolk wants to celebrate the holiday.

That was until a skeptical scientist named Professor Jonathan Henderson had decided to go to the small town of Winterhaven and find out what was the real cause of the town's sensonal dismay.

As soon as he had arrived in town and checked himself into a nearby inn,Jonathan had became puzzeled,after having discovered that most of the townsfolk had no choice,but to check into the inn,due to a frozen nightmare known as the Headless Snowman,who had kept on terrorizing everybody on Christmas Eve.

The only problem with that little theroy was that Jonathan wasn't buying it and was still insisting that the so-called 'Headless Snowman' was an actual human being,who was using some sort of gizmo to ruin everybody's Christmas,just like the Grinch was trying to ruin Whoville's Christmas.

And so,after all of the townsfolk had gone to bed and went to sleep,Jonathan had quietly stepped out of the inn and walked all the way to one of the many backroads where a young boy named Toby Rogan was the first Winterhaven resident to encounter the Headless Snowman and escape to tell the tale.

And then,as soon as he had arrived at the exact spot and began looking around for any sign of a clue to the Headless Snowman's true identity,a bright light was heading towards him.

After he had turned around and saw the light heading towards him,Jonathan had also let out a sigh of relief,for the light was actually a pair of headlights from the local sheriff's squad car.

And after the squad car had stopped next to him,Deputy Sheriff Barney Pyle had gotten out of the car,walked over to Jonathan and demanded to know why he was breaking the town's curfew.

But before he was able to explain himself,there was a sudden growl coming from deep within the forrest.

And just as he was about to ask Barney what that growling was about,Barney had grabbed Jonathan by the arm and was trying to drag him back into the car,only to have Jonathan pull at Barney and demand to know what that growling was about.

But then,without a single amount of warning,a growling,snarling snowman had appeared out of nowhere and smashed the squad car straight to Hell.

And after Barney had told Jonathan to run,the monsterous snowman had looked at Barney,let out a sinister smile and moved his way towards a shocked Barney,who was unable to get away from the frozen creature,before it had picked him up by the throat,carried him back to what was left of the squad car and started smashing him into the wreckage.

And while the cold mutation was roaring at the top of its lungs,a shocked Jonathan had realized that no human being on the face of the very planet Earth would possibly do what that thing had done and started to hightail it back to the inn.

But after he had only taken a few long steps away from the horrific scene,the snowman had turned towards the fleeing Jonathan,removed its head and threw it at him.

On the day after Christmas Day,one of Jonathan's colleges,Professor Stanley Dawson had recieved a phone call from the Nebraska State Police,who had told him that they had found Jonathan's body in Winterhaven.

As soon as Stanley had arrived and got a good look at his missing friend's body,he had suddenly gone into a state of shock,for his friend was found frozen to death and with the look of fear in his eyes,for he had suddenly became one of the latest victims of the Headless Snowman.