Hard rock:
CoMe DiE wItH mE
I don't want to stay alive
I want to die
Don't you want to come with me
Come with me
The place is warm and secret
Locked up in the clouds
Without a flashlight
You see the light in the darkness
Within their secret cell
Angels are abound
And Christ is dead
NO one to tell you that religion sucks
Or that atheism is the best in the world {in heavy guitar rifts (what
the fuck is that all about)}
So come with me
We'll die together
Live together
Nothing to it
Just a shot in the head
No poison to rot your skin
Up there it is so beautiful why can't you see
The way it is
The way we'll live
The air is so much cleaner
Nothing can kill us again
Even if Earth's memory seeps up to us
There is no way it can get to us
Because we are bonded with sun and sky
And gaseous things
People that make us believe
Come with me
I don't want to do this alone
Don't want to have to explain myself alone at the gate of inspection
Come die with me
Die with me
Beauty and simplicity
All rolled in one beautiful rainbow
The most awesome rainbow to be seen
Air and water never touched
Clean by the human hand
Infected by Midas's touch
Perfection and insanity all clear as day
It is fine to be one or it is fine to be real
No need to eat or sleep it is fine if you don't
Your body don't need it because your soul has infiltrated the dead
The souls of darkness
Envelopes are opened to read the records of suspecting souls
Wanting admission into royal houses
Not here
You see
We'll be perfect together
Rolling around and laughing as we throw lightning bolts at those
children who want to be free
When all they need to do is look up
Make themselves stare
And see the beginning of the beginning of their lives
Come with me and you'll believe
You'll become a believer
A shot is all it takes
--Spoken and chanted
Come on
Don't be shy
Come here
I have the solution
Just take my hand
You'll be resolved
Why the hell are YOU staring at me?