Letting Go

Sometimes, you just have to let go.

There are so many things we hold dear in life. The closer to our heart, the more firm our grip. We clutch our beliefs, our possessions, our values, and our friends with an iron grasp. But some things we can't hold on to forever. Sometimes, the only way to really care for something is to release it from the clutches of your love. Sometimes, you just have to let go.

Sometimes you have to just let the rain clouds clear away, knowing the sun will scorch the ground for months and months before they return. Sometimes you have to just let things slowly crumble around you, people's values and lives melting away, while you stand unchanged in the wreckage. Sometimes you just have to let the forest burn in order for it to be reborn from the ashes. Sometimes you have to just let her wear that dragging dress of despair, that metal mask of antagonism, that blood-red blindfold of anger. Sometimes, you just have to let go.

To let go is to fall through a misty sky, never knowing when you'll reach the ground and what you'll meet when you get there, completely relaxed, just falling, falling through the fog. When you let go you are free. Free from worries and ambitions, free from sadness or happiness. You are free from yourself. You are free from your existence. You simply are not.

And yet nothing is more painful. Nothing is more frightening, releasing your grasp on all you hold dear, to let it fall through the mist on its own... but as long as it is painful, you have still not let go completely.

But what is one if one is falling through a misty sky, not straining, not screaming, not being? What is one worth, when one must rip oneself away from something one loves more than anything? What is one when one cannot give anymore?

You can't always give. Sometimes, the only way to give is not to give at all. Because people aren't always going to want to take the beautiful things you have to give them. Sometimes they have to discover these things for themselves.

Sometimes, you just have to let go. And sometimes, you have to understand that from time to time, it's better to just let the rainbows fade, the petals fall, and the stars go out. Because if you have the patience to wait just a little while... there's going to be a magnificent dawn.