Sacred Path

We all search for the meaning of life. We follow many paths thinking that that path leads to it. That's the problem. Eventually everyone ends up on the same path. A path that not really is theirs, and since it isn't their path it becomes harder for them. Just because the path has been tried before, and turned up successful that does not mean you can force people on it. So herds of people walk down this path, along the way they lose everything. Everything that made a person who they are. Their thoughts become altered, and they all try to think as one person. Forced to believe what that one person believes. With that love, feelings, and emotions go down the drain. Important things are lost, along with valuable things.

So, I know your path has been tried, but I rather be found doing something new. I'm sorry that I don't feel the same way all you do. So with these thoughts I step away from that path, and set out into the dieing desert. Searching for something lost rather than something found. I may fail; and there is a slim chance I may succeed, but at least I won't be apart of the herd.