No pun intended.

It gets sort of annoying, doesn't it, when of course the person intended a pun. Yeah, it helps people spot the pun, gets a laugh, blah, blah, blah, but honestly. Why not just say "pun intended"? So people think you're sooo clever that you make puns without thinking? I breathe without thinking. Is that so amazing?

"So what if you didn't intend a pun. What if you didn't even say a pun?" I think. You could say "no pun intended" after everything! Let's see, what would a conversation look like with that?

You: .And so we were eating at Subway and I found something moving in my sandwich! No pun intended.

Your Friend: Really? What- wait, you didn't say a pun.

You: Nope! I didn't intend one either.

Your friend: But, usually people say 'no pun intended' after saying a pun.

You: Yeah, and your point is.?

Your friend: (now exasperated) But you didn't say a pun!

You: Geez, would you quit saying that? I know I didn't!

Your Friend: Fine. Forget I mentioned it. So, what was in your sandwich?

You: Well, you wouldn't believe it, but a large weevil had nested in my olive. Pun intended.

Your Friend: You didn't say a pun.

You: Quit changing the subject, will ya'?

Your friend: I'm not. You said pun intended, and there was no pun.

You: Obviously.

Now your poor friend was on the brink of insanity, and you just gave a small shove.

Your Friend: AIIIIIIIYAYAYAYAYA! (Starts to pull out hair)

You: Really, no need to get upset.

Well, if you think this has a point, you thought wrong. No pun intended. G'bye!