Soft flakes of snow,

Falling slowly down,

Across the land,

In my little town.

So deadly silent,

With no warning,

And death has come,

By the light of morning.

Those who know naught,

Are like to believe,

That you are a friend,

On Christmas eve.

Yet I know your secrets,

Your untold thought,

You are a killer,

Sold and bought.

Your dancing drops,

Of frozen water,

Deceive and lie,

Oh yes, yes sir.

It might be a bit hard,

To find that deep within,

Something so pretty,

Is so full of sin.

You look so warm,

And cuddly to add,

But you can freeze,

More then a tad.

Chilling me down,

All the way to the bone,

I hate you so much,

More than was known.

I swear this to you,

I will never ever live,

In a place where you,

Hand out death to give.

The heat of the sun,

Is all I need to be.

A dry hot desert is for

All that see like me.

I'll push you away,

As far as you'll go,

So I will never have,

To go to depths so low.

Hear me this:

With your icy cold grip,

Around me you shan't,

Beat about with a whip.

Far too clear to me,

It is. That you are away,

I rejoice in your leave,

And hold the nice day.

Stay far and long,

I dearly beg you that,

Your welcome is naught,

Less than that of a rat.

Oh I know this here,

That you shall be back,

But that won't be,

But a little snack.

Fare thee well,

I bid thee no good,

I hope others will see,

That die you should.