His Name Was Skippy
By:Andrew Troy KeIler

It was on a day of Holiday joy
When I've found out what a good little boy
Really was,for my parents had drove me
And my siblings to New York to see
Everyone at Rockefeller Center singing songs of joy.

And then,after the songs have been sung
And the bells of a nearby church had rung,
We were finally able to see
The mayor throwing the switch to light the tree.
After that,we've seen the ornaments that were hung.

And then,while my family were still looking at the tree,
I've turned around and noticed a small puppy
Standing right behind me and looking at the lights.
Then,after I've realized that the look of worry and fright
Would soon appear on his owners' faces,I've decided to return the puppy.

And so,after I've picked up the puppy and started looking for his owners,
I had suddenly bumped into a police officer,
Who had looked at the puppy's tag and discovered that his name was Skippy.
And after he had seen that there was nothing wrong with the puppy,
I had followed the officer to the spot where the pup's owners were.

And then,after they had seen that their faithful friend
Was alive and well,they had given me five dollars to spend
And thanked me for returning their puppy to
Them.And after I've walked back to
My family,I've asked my dad who his best friend.

That was the day of true joy.