It's finally time now
Are you ready?
My hands are shaking
I can't hold them steady

Look outside its beautiful
It's the perfect time of night
The air is completely still
The moon is shining bright

Grab a coat and walk downstairs
Careful not to make a sound
Be quiet as you walk outside
Make sure no one is around

Finally free, can you feel it?
The impending urge to run
Excitement flowing through me
A perfect night of fun

Strip down, transform and enjoy
The luxurious feel of a warrior
See the hunger in my eyes
This feeling is my savior

Reach up towards the heavens
Light casting from the moon
Raindrops falling steady
Enjoy the haunting tune

Finally the moon is full
After many months of waiting
I don't ever want this to end
The feeling it's creating

Release the body's molecules
Dissolve into thin air
Feeling so invincible
Catch me if you dare

Join me and disappear
Dance my invisible dance
Run from solid reality
Escape into my trance