a knife stabs in my heart
as I realize I'm just a part
of your stupid game
you wanna play with me?
I win
I slit my flesh again
maybe when I'm gone you'll remember
everything I left behind
my broken heart
stepped on by you
can attest to all I've been through
my poetry can tell as well
I'm falling into darkness
I try to hold onto memories
but reality is slipping from me
I realize with regret
that you'll forget me
I'll be gone and you'll be here
and you'll continue without fear
forgetting my little existence
so for that purpose
I hold on
loosing my past thoughts
you'll never get close to me
not close enough to hurt me
happy, are you?
can you see what you've put me through?
I'll close my eyes
and hope I don't wake up
I lie here in my pool of blood
I may wake up eventually
but for now, I sleep