reality blurs to dreams
as day fades to night
which is worse?
my lonely reality
or my distorted imaginary life?
in my dreams, i'm good at something
I can make people smile
I can be a good friend
and I don't wish for my own end
if dreams were reality
imagine how much happier life would be......
parents would accept and not judge
teens wouldn't hold a grudge
alas, how cruel life is
as I open my eyes
I feel cold in my disguise
but I don't fool everyone
I pity those who think they know me
they don't know my real personality
all they see is the outside porcelain
but if you crack open the ceramic
you'll find a little girl
scared and alone
crying for someone to find her
to care she exists
a little girl who's joy is dying
who falls asleep crying
just wanting to be known
for who she is
but, alas, she is to shy to reveal herself
so she stays in her paper wrapping
sitting on her little shelf
waiting for someone to wipe off the dust
and do what they must
to see inside her breaking glass heart