Scrunch scrunch scrunch scrunch scrunch.
I ran through a fog-invested, thick wood
With the dead leaves scrunching under my trainers
Oh please Lord, have mercy
Please don't let it take me over
I don't want to go just yet
It's not time
Please, I feel it coming
Just give me a little more strength
A little more pace
I can't go on like this
My breath is shortening
My pace is dropping
It's drawing nearer
I can feel its effect on me
Oh, Lord, give me the strength
Just a little more
I can see my house
The little cottage in the middle of nowhere
It's only getting closer
It's getting to me
C'mon, c'mon. Fumble for the keys.
Get this door open
It's almost taking me over
The front doors open
And I burst in
Slamming the door shut behind
I dash left
Then right
I find the room
Where the toilet is
I stand there
I unleash all hell within me
Looks like I was in the nick of time.