It obvious why nobody likes me
Fucking stuck-up bitch
Can't take a joke
Yet I make jokes.
A hypocrite. A liar.
Pretending I don't got no problems.

It's obvious why people're scared.
My fiery temper, boiling my blood each day
My morbid thoughts, captured in my expression
I wish for the human race to die
I wish for the entire universe to black out
Like a candle's flame pinched out

It's obvious why I'm not popular
Hours playing video games
A fucking ugly pimply geek
I try to be myself
It only gets you somewhere
When yourself is good

It's obvious why I'm so ugly
Hair that won't stay down
Hair covers my body, thicker than normal
Flab hanging off my calves, my thighs, my butt
A sickeningly disgusting face
Dotted with unsightly bumps

No wonder I hate my life.
Because everyone hates me.
Because I'm inferior.
What I can do I don't care about
What I care about I can't do.
I deserve to die.